Greg Mischio, the Owner and Founder of Winbound, will be presenting at AMA Madison’s Craft Marketing event at Garth’s Brew Bar on May 22. This month, we’re diving into driving sales as marketers. Greg will share his best advice on how to build a marketing strategy around generating sales, creating content that inspires change, and how to produce marketing that builds trust in your sales team and company.

Why attend this month’s Craft Marketing? 

Even though the world of sales may feel completely disconnected from marketing, the two professions are moving toward a shared space. It’s to every marketer’s advantage to master key sales strategies and apply them to their marketing. Register now to learn how to get started and get Greg’s expert tips, all while enjoying a complimentary beverage of your choice.

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What to expect: Q&A with Greg

AMA: Tell us a little about yourself and what your organization does.

Greg: I’m the owner and strategic director of Winbound, a b2b digital sales and marketing agency that specializes in manufacturing. We help companies improve their web presence and generate quality leads through our Digital Twin strategic approach. 

The goal is to use online content to create a Digital Twin of your sales team.  It doesn’t replace the sales team, but it’s there for those points in the sales funnel when your customers are searching for answers online.  It can also be proactively “prospecting” via ads and social posts.

AMA: For marketers who might be intimidated by the idea of it being their “turn to sell,” what are some of the key elements they should keep in mind when creating a marketing strategy for generating sales?

Greg: I think that definitely invokes a lot of fear in marketers: “Oh no, I have to sell. I’m not good at selling.”

The truth is, we are all involved in sales. You’re attempting to move a person from the status quo to a different place. I don’t care if that’s not your role by title, it is the role of any kind of marketing.  

I think we have this mindset that sales is what really pushes people into a purchase — it closes the deal. But research shows the traditional closing tactics have gone the way of the dinosaur.  The consumer has evolved, but not just in terms of sales. They’re also resistant to marketing.  They can spot puffed-up claims a mile away.

So where does it leave sales and marketing?  In my opinion, they’ve moving toward a shared space, in which they share the same messaging and strategy, but they’re broken out primarily in two realms: Marketing leads the mass communication, while sales focuses on interpersonal connections. 

In the end, the messaging should be applied based on proven sales strategies to either audience, because they both must operate with the end goal of a purchase in mind.  I guess if you’re in marketing and you think that doesn’t apply to you, I’ll probably ask you during the presentation: Ok, so then what is your role in the organization?  I’d truly like to hear it. 

AMA: What are some common traits of content that inspires a need for change?

Greg: Those are some of the things we’ll be diving into.  They include establishing pain points, comparing yourself to competition beyond your director competitors, and leveraging data (at the right time.)

 I’ll be talking about the need to establish an emotional connection and appeal to the limbic system (neuroselling), as well as the Challenger Sale reframe.  Both methods involve a yin and yang relationship between logic and emotion.  It’s really a matter of timing. 

Sneak peak:  The sales person (marketer) who shares their solution last wins

 AMA: What is the big takeaway people can expect if they attend the event?

Greg: I’ve been deep diving into sales strategy for the last couple years as we’ve built out our Digital Twin model, and I’ve found it helps my marketing exponentially. For example, our onboarding integrates the Challenger Sale into the strategy sessions.  We can sit down and, because we know the type of questions that will generate sales, we know exactly what we’re looking for. It creates great efficiency, and also opens up a world of opportunity in terms of marketing.  

 But the big, big, BIG takeaway is that by taking this approach,  you can move closer to sales and marketing alignment. 

Why is this important, Because research shows your company isn’t aligned, you could expect a 4% LOSS in REVENUE.  But those that are aligned can experience a 20% gain. 

Long story short: Miss the presentation, you risk being a loser.  Join us, and you’ll be Winbound. ; )

Venue: Garth Brew Bar, 1726 MONROE ST.

Cozy atmosphere. Educated staff. Remarkable beer. Garth’s Brew Bar opened in 2019 on Monroe St. The bar started from a passion to do good for the people and right by the beer. Learn more at

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