Join Madison’s Largest Community of Marketing Professionals

AMA members receive exclusive access to the national AMA website, free webinars, discounted training programs, and the most extensive marketing-centered network in Madison, Wisconsin.
Perks of Being a Member
Madison’s best and brightest marketing professionals know that AMA Madison is our city’s largest and most prestigious marketing organization. We offer more networking, continuing education, job referrals, and opportunities to meet and connect with fellow marketing professionals than any other marketing organization.

As a member, you benefit from numerous local and national incentives and discounts unavailable to non-members.

Leadership Potential

Develop your leadership skills through opportunities to serve on the Board of Directors. Being a board member of AMA Madison comes with a variety of professional benefits like networking, career advancement, and in-depth professional development opportunities.

Madison's Top Networking

With more than a hundred members in the Madison area alone, plus more throughout the state, you will have the chance to get to know top marketing professionals and marketing-adjacent individuals in the community.

Marketing Tools & Resources

Membership to the American Marketing Association Madison gives you exclusive access not only to AMA Madison’s tools and resources, but to the national AMA organization as well.

Career Path-Focused Programming

Get discounted pricing on local events and exclusive access to special members-only event throughout the programming year. Whether you’re an emerging marketing or a mid-career professional, there’s a learning event for you from AMA Madison.

Volunteer Opportunities

Work with any of our dedicated committees to help develop your skills and build your resume. Our volunteer positions are always evolving and positions are updated regularly to fit your workload and lifestyle.

Career Advancement

AMA Madison members get front row seats to cross-chapter collaboration and mentorship opportunities. We aim to connect new and mid-career marketers with seasoned marketing leaders looking for a way to give back to their industry.
Marketing Professionals
Connect with other marketers, share ideas, and stay up-to-date on latest trends.

Becoming a member means you’re an integral part of the local marketing community and contributing to our collective success.

Marketing Teams
AMA offers the depth and breadth of marketing support that your team needs to succeed: comprehensive, timely, thoughtful information and perspectives that you won’t find anywhere else. AMA is a resource everyone in your group will use in their career.
Discounted membership dues
Group members have easy access to new tools, information, and business solutions—all for savings of up to 30% per member. All it takes is three members to get started with group membership.
Team Building
AMA helps you craft marketing organizations of skilled, knowledgeable talent that propels the business forward. By tapping into national and local resources, marketers meet day-to-day complex challenges and stay at the forefront of current thinking and practices.
Meeting you where you are
The group memberships are not specific to each chapter and cross geographical lines. For instance, if your company is headquartered in Minnesota, but a portion of your marketing team is based in Wisconsin, the memberships will stay within the geographical territory of the individual team members.
Membership Pricing

professional membership

  • Member pricing on AMA Madison events
  • Reduced entry fees to special events
  • Invitation to exclusive members-only events
  • Exclusive access to tools, templates, webinars, virtual conferences, & more

group membership

  • Pricing for each member
  • Good for 3-30 members
  • Discounted professional membership
  • Includes all benefits of individual memberships


student membership

  • 320+ active collegiate chapters in the AMA
  • Membership in AMA Collegiate Chapter at your university
  • Access to collegiate events and competitions

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