Greg Mischio - Revamping the Marketing Plan: Leaner, Meaner and More Effective

Greg Mischio of Winbound will offer a more dynamic, inclusive approach to marketing planning at AMA Madison’s Craft Marketing presentation on February 22th.

The session begins at 5:30 p.m. with networking at the Capital Brewery on Madison’s West Side. (This session is planned to be in-person, but may be switched to a virtual event depending on Covid restrictions.)

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Check out Greg’s preview of what attendees will experience at the upcoming Craft Marketing presentation.

Tell us a little about what Winbound does.

I’m the Owner and Founder of Winbound, a digital marketing agency. We help manufacturing and industrial clients use content to create a “digital twin” of their sales team and reach prospects using SEO, social media, and paid online ads. Any type of marketing, digital or otherwise, requires planning.  And in the course of helping our clients, we’ve created many, many plans.   

Why do marketing plans typically fail?

I wouldn’t say they necessarily fail.  It’s just that most aren’t as effective as they could be. 

Plans can have all types of problems.  They can be too long, too text heavy, and too unwieldy.  They may vary from year to year, and lack consistency.  Or they may just be ignored because people just get caught up in the moment. 

 I don’t think any of that is really entirely the user’s fault.  In a lot of cases, the plan isn’t constructed efficiently.  Some key elements:

 It needs to be nimble enough that you can revisit it and update it.  

 It needs to include qualitative and quantitative elements.  Strategies tend to be qualitative, and are influenced by quantitative results.  Both elements should be present. 

It should be a working document, revisited annually and updated. To do that, the update can’t be a chore. So it needs to be tight and short.

And finally, every element must be digestible and useful.  Why add stuff that won’t be used in determining the course of your marketing? 

Can you give us a preview of what marketers can do to create an effective, dynamic marketing plan? 

We’re going to touch on how to deliver a plan that hits on all the topics above.  But we’re going to take it a step further.  We’ll show you how to make this more than a marketing plan — we’ll show you how to make it an organizational plan. 

By that I mean we’ll show you some tactics for getting key elements of your organization to participate in the plan creation, including the goal setting.  The exercise we take our clients through makes them focus on the customer and not their own egos.  That in turn can drive consensus and decision-making. 

Because so much of marketing is driven by content, we’ll also show you our “write the book” approach to driving topic ideas and overall framework.  That’s been really helpful for us in setting the big picture with clients. 

What is the big takeaway people can expect if they attend the event?

There will be a couple of takeaways.  One will be a mindset — a thought-process on how to streamline the planning process and get it done fast but in an iterative framework that opens itself up to input from the organization. 

We’ll also give you a downloadable guide that explains the process, and a template to use for your own planning.  

And of course, you’ll get to experience the Craft Marketing networking fun at the Capital Brewery!

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