Connect with fellow marketers and learn cutting-edge best practices at our Sept. 29 virtual Craft Marketing program. Rowan Childs, founder and executive director of the Madison Reading Project, will share her insights about building a successful nonprofit.  

MRP organizers started with 100 books at one location, working with 30 children. Since then, the nonprofit has grown to work with thousands of children, over 100 community partners, and has distributed over 150,000 books. 

Register here for the free event that begins at 4 p.m. with networking. Many thanks to Winbound, our sponsor.

Check out Rowan’s preview of what attendees will be learning at the upcoming Craft Marketing presentation. 

Q: Tell us a little about yourself and the goals of the Madison Reading Project.

A: I am an extrovert, idea generator, glass-half-full, adventurous, hardworking person who likes to ask a lot of questions! I am a mom and have many interests, from innovation, social good and design, to gardening.

MRP goals: We strive to provide relevant books for all kids, families and educators. Our mission has stayed the same from the onset. Our big goals this upcoming year include moving to a bigger location to handle the increase in book traffic and volunteers. 

We seek a COVID-safe work environment where community members will be able to select books, discuss literacy initiatives and connect with other social good causes.

Q: Share a few ways marketing has helped your nonprofit gain new partners, volunteers and donors.

 A: Marketing has helped create a place for people to find out more about us. It also allows us to highlight the work we do, what type of books we are seeking and our supporters. Social media is huge for us because it is less expensive and, like us, very visual. 

We have many photos, experiences, and moments to share from program partners, our center, and actual books. People often contact us because they want to be a partner, volunteer, or donate funds or books because of what they saw on social. 

Q: Has your marketing approach changed since the pandemic?

A: People want to simplify. People are overwhelmed with what is going on, so it’s best if we can make it easy for them to reach us or donate, for example.

We also are seeing more social media engagement, but it has been hard to gauge. People are on their phones and computers throughout the day. What people once did when they “got to work” has now completely changed because of their new at-home work schedules. 

Q: What is the big takeaway people can expect if they attend the event?

A: We have proven that creative thinking, consistent on-brand social media, and events have increased awareness of MRP.  Having the right mixture of tone and knowing your demographic is key to building your brand. 

We also know:

  • Not all marketing has to be expensive. 
  • You can’t do it all yourself. Finding someone to help is essential.


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