Leslie Blaize, a certified professional services marketer with Blaize Communications, will be presenting at AMA Madison’s Craft Marketing event at Thirsty Goat on September 26th, 2023. This month, we will explore how marketers can maximize the benefits of AI tools like ChatGPT while minding its limitations.

Why attend this month’s Craft Marketing? 

AI can streamline many aspects of the content creation process, but it has pitfalls that you need to know about before you start using it. Register now to get Leslie’s expert advice, all while enjoying a complimentary beverage of your choice.

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What to expect: Q&A with Leslie

I look forward to returning to AMA Madison’s Craft Marketing as a speaker. I was a volunteer and frequent attendee for many years.

In my presentation, I’ll share how I’m using AI, especially ChatGPT, to streamline my work and what I’ve learned from some of the top copywriters and marketers in the country. I’ve been researching AI to see how it can help me brainstorm ideas for my clients and create better content.

  1.     AMA: Tell us a little about yourself and what Blaize Communications does.

In 2017, I founded Blaize Communications, now based in Billings, Montana. I’m a freelance writer specializing in Architecture/Engineering/Construction. I write web content, blog posts, e-books, and client-focused case studies.

A/E/C Connect, my LinkedIn newsletter, promotes the use of case studies and storytelling in the A/E/C industry.

  1.     AMA: From what you’ve observed, what are some of the most common misconceptions businesses have about ChatGPT in the context of marketing?

Marketers can successfully collaborate with ChatGPT, but humans will still play a key role in many areas, such as content creation and customer interactions. Individuals can add insights about nuanced market dynamics and help build genuine relationships.

While AI can draft content, humans are needed to edit and polish the narrative and add emotion, authenticity and alignment with a company’s business goals and mission. If you rely solely on AI, your content may sound stale and read like a book report.

It takes skill to effectively use AI in marketing. It requires more effort than just asking basic questions. Through trial and error, marketers can develop prompts resulting in first-draft copy that can reflect a firm’s goals and mission.

The more specific the prompt, the better results you’ll receive. Turn to AI for drafts of press releases, some blog posts, web copy and more. The human touch is needed for narratives that require interviews with subject-matter experts or would be enhanced with the inclusion of stories or personal anecdotes.

Generative AI can improve a company’s efficiency, but it will take time to optimize its use for marketing efforts. ChatGPT and other platforms are constantly changing. To see what works best for a specific task, it may be worth experimenting with different platforms, such as ChatGPT, Jasper and others. Platforms have different strengths and weaknesses.

  1.     AMA: It’s clear that AI is here to stay and will play a significant role in written marketing materials. What’s your advice for writers who are hesitant to embrace this change? How can they overcome their reservations and harness AI’s potential?

The AI evolution is changing the way writers create content. Writers who don’t want to learn about AI risk being left behind. I encourage writers to explore the possibilities of large-scale language models like ChatGPT. They can improve their efficiency and the quality of their output.

Because of the development of generative AI, writers have lost projects or even their jobs to owners who believe AI can take their place. Employers who embrace AI are already seeking workers who understand how to use it.

AI probably will replace writers who create short-form copy like product descriptions, some blog posts and basic advertising copy for online ads.

The best way to take advantage of AI’s potential is to use it. How can it help you? Become familiar with prompts that will allow you to get the best information. The more specific the prompt, the better. Who is the audience? What tone do you want? What’s your goal?

Give AI detailed information, and it can write a draft of your press release, summarize a document, or write emails.

To best use programs like ChatGPT, understand its limitations. Don’t trust AI-generated content. It’s a good starting point to jumpstart your creativity, but its information can be incorrect. Ask for research sources and check them out. AI may offer some better word choices but beware of its biases. Don’t plagiarize.

AI can’t connect with people on a human level, conduct personal interviews, or establish rapport with a subject matter expert. It can’t share personal insights, show compassion, or use literary techniques like metaphors. It can’t replicate a company’s tone.

Consider AI as a collaborative partner that can enhance creativity and efficiency. Discover how it can help you generate ideas for your next project or presentation, prepare an outline, edit, and create headline options.

  1.     AMA: Can you give us a preview of the big takeaway people can expect if they attend the event?

As more content is AI generated, compelling human content will stand out. AI can perform many tasks to save marketers time and money. However, you’ll still need humans to tell stories, link ideas to show a trend, and enhance AI drafts with engaging content that connects with your specific audience.  

Find out how you can successfully collaborate with AI to become a more successful and efficient writer and marketer. At the Sept. 26 Craft Marketing session, I’ll review how AI can be both a friend and foe for your writing projects.

Venue: The Thirsty Goat, 3040 Cahill Main, Fitchburg, WI 53711


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