Using Artificial Intelligence in Marketing.

By 2022, it is predicted that more than 55 percent of U.S. households will have some type of voice-enabled smart speaker, such as the Amazon Echo or Google Home.

These devices have a distinct presence and permeate households differently than TVs or radios. With Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, these smart speakers engage with your customers—offering an unprecedented opportunity for marketers.

Just what will that opportunity look like? Nick Myers of RedFox Creative will share some insight with us when our Craft Marketing series continues on June 21 at Capital Brewing. He’ll present “How to Get Alexa to Talk About Your Brand: The Future of AI and Voice Assistants in Marketing.” (Sign up here – includes a bonus AMA Summer Solstice Social!)

Nick Myers

Nick Myers, RedFox Creative

Nick is the owner, founder, and Creative Director of RedFox Creative. He is focused on integrating new technology with digital marketing tactics to help brands engage with their audiences in unforgettable ways.  

We asked him to share more about his upcoming presentation. Hey Alexa, let’s hear from Nick!

This presentation is really about AI in marketing, not Alexa. Tell us why AI is growing in significance.

If there ever was a year for AI, 2018 is the year. Many people think we already have AI like the HAL 9000 in 2001: A Space Odyssey, but that simply isn’t the case. The machines don’t want to take over…yet.

The AI of 2018 uses a lot of current-day technological advancements like Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Deep Learning to find patterns in extremely large amounts of data.

As we know, everyone in marketing has been pushing the use of data for the past few years, and by all rights, marketers should embrace that data. With AI, we can analyze data on our audiences like never before, allowing us to craft better and more authentic campaigns that can get to the root of why someone should invest in a brand.

It’s true you can actually program Alexa to talk about your brand. How?

This is very true! Using the Amazon Echo (which uses the Alexa cloud service), brands can create “Skills” which are really just custom experiences tailored to anything you want. The best part is, these skills can be experienced using just your voice. No more, no less. How cool is that?

What are some real-world applications where you see this happening?

Right now, all over the place…if you’re a very large brand. Many smaller brands/companies simply don’t yet fully understand the tech and the type of ROI this can yield. However, global brands like Diageo, Tide, and Pizza Hut have all developed skills that enhance the brand experience and can be downloaded today on any Amazon Echo device.

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This post was written by Greg Mischio, the Owner and Strategic Director of Winbound. Winbound is a content marketing firm that provides an all-in-one content marketing and conversion optimization package specifically designed for small marketing departments. Twitter: @gregmischio

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