Level up your website SEO and Digital Marketing – Tools and Tips

Learn simple benchmarks, tools for assessment, and ways to get more sophisticated with digital marketing across different channels. About this Event There's over 8,000 martec solutions to choose from. But where do you start? Which free tools actually offer value? Which paid services are worthy of your limited budget? What technology do other marketers use? […]

Using PPC to Fill the Top of the Funnel

Research and target new customers that will come back and convert. About this Event Search can only capitalize on the demand that is already out there. If you are maximizing the reach from all the keywords you want to target, but want even more search traffic, you are going to have to work on creating […]

Connecting the Dots in 2021: Consumer Obsessed Design and Marketing

Learn how the right research will let you go beyond the "what", to the "why", and uncover unique opportunities for growth. About this Event Consumer mindset and behaviors are changing. Are you keeping pace and planning for what’s next? Learn how to tap into what’s changing in the marketplace by listening to consumers and learning […]

You Are Not Your Job


Re-discover the important role your personal values contribute to career decisions and how to plan your 'career future'. About this event Massive unemployment due to COVID-19 and now The Great Resignation! What IS going on in today’s labor market? While economists and politicians view this situation as dire, Dr. Sarah J Stebbins believes workers are pausing to […]

Video Done Right: How To Deliver Videos that Connect with Your Audience


Learn from an emmy-winner how to deliver videos that connect with your audience. About this event Video is one of the best types of content you can produce today. The problem is many corporate videos miss the mark, and in many cases are never even viewed. Emmy-winner Tony Gnau will use customer case studies to provide helpful […]

Online Reviews: 5 Star State of Mind


Do you have a strategy for managing online reviews? 93% of customers read reviews of local businesses before picking one, so it’s important. About this event 5 stars or 1 star, all reviews are an opportunity to market your business. Do you have a strategy for managing online reviews? 93% of customers read reviews of […]

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