Kristin Uttech will show attendees how market research can drive digital transformation and creative advertising changes your messaging strategy at AMA Madison’s Craft Marketing presentation at Garth’s Brew Bar on November 28th.

The session begins at 5:30 p.m. with networking- Register Here

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AMA: Tell us a little about yourself and Madison College.

I have been at Madison College for 15 years, first in a marketing faculty role and now as the Chief Marketing Officer for the past 3 years.  I bring over 25 years of strategic marketing experience from the private sector.  I am proud to work at Madison College because we really are a place where lives are transformed.  I always say our product is “a brighter future” for our students. Our marketing team puts our focus on the student first – ALWAYS.  We strive to understand each student’s unique needs and how Madison College can provide solutions to help them advance their career.

AMA: Why should marketers prioritize digital transformation today, and what kinds of benefits might they expect?

A digital transformation is a critical piece of a strategic marketing plan in today’s competitive marketplace.  It does not happen overnight and has many moving pieces that are always in flux.  For Madison College, our digital strategy helped us gather solid data to make good decisions. We used research as our foundation which led to significant changes in our strategy.  We were forced to examine our systems, processes and structure to move forward, which isn’t always easy.  It also required the redesign of two major websites.  We have become very strategic in our advertising channels, social platforms, and email campaigns as a result of these shifts.  We had some trial and error but now have a great foundation to move forward based on data and results.

 AMA: What advice would you give to marketers who are interested in starting a digital transformation initiative but are unsure of where to begin?

My biggest piece of advice is to just try to start small and use research as the foundation to build your plan.  I was overwhelmed when we started so we broke apart our marketing plan into pieces.  We identified where we could make the biggest impact – our websites – and put a plan in place to overhaul our sites.  We based decisions on research which is critical for success, especially in a large and complex organization. It’s important to have your team on board and supporting the overall vision.  Without that, we would not have achieved our goals. 

 AMA: What is the big takeaway people can expect if they attend the event?

I hope people will see how you can move a complex organization forward to impact dramatic changes in the market.  I will try to provide good nuggets of insight we learned along our journey, and how we determined where we want to go in the next 3 – 5 years.

Venue: Garth Brew Bar, 1726 MONROE ST.

Cozy atmosphere. Educated staff. Remarkable beer. Garth’s Brew Bar opened in 2019 on Monroe St. The bar started from a passion to do good for the people and right by the beer. Learn more at

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