Are the premium marketing strategies — radio, TV, digital campaigns — causing heartache and headache? Then stop. Utilize the assets you have available in your community to your advantage. In this collaborative session with Sarah Hurley from Weber Marketing we’ll explore ways you can market your brand with less traditional, and less expensive, strategies that are producing results for marketers in Madison, and everywhere at AMA Madison’s 2021 Virtual Annual Conference: Power of Community on Sept. 30th.

Attendees will learn:

  • How business goals are they key starting point to defining your marketing strategy, mapping out a plan, and evaluating effectiveness
  • Non-traditional (less expensive) ways to showcase your brand
  • How you can collaborate with others to grow your brand

We sat down with Sarah for a Q&A to see what we can expect from her presentation:

What do you expect the audience to take away from your presentation?

Sometimes the best marketing ideas are the simple ones. Focusing our time and energy on the bright shiny marketing strategies (digital media, TV, etc) can often cause us headaches and anxiety because it’s not our strong suit. That’s okay. If we think outside the box and look at our team’s strengths, or look at collaboration ideas with our vendor partners or neighboring businesses, we can generate fresh, new strategies that connect with our target audience better than anything else.

What is holding companies back from doing what you advocate?

Slowing down and taking a disciplined approach to vocalize their business goals. Often businesses will jump right to a marketing tactic because they see their competitors doing it or hear it’s the current trend producing ROI. While their intentions are good, it’s a simple case of putting the cart before the horse.

What will companies gain from what you are advocating?

By investing more of your time in your marketing efforts (than financial) you will find a greater reward. Co-hosting an event with a neighboring business, sponsorships that go beyond just putting your logo on a banner, having a consistent presence in a local pop-up event, will garner better awareness and traction.

What brings you joy?

Well, my dream job would be to host a cooking show focused on making meals with missing ingredients, no recipes and leftovers. Like most of us do every day. I enjoy hosting events at my house or helping companies host events. My goal is that everyone leaves happy. The prep work is exhausting and every detail matters, but the sweet spot of my personal and professional career has been event planning and coordination.

What else should our audience know about you?

I was born and raised in Wisconsin. I am a true Wisconsin-ite that enjoys an old fashioned, but unlike most, I do not like a brandy old fashioned. I am a whiskey girl. And I am here to tell you, a whiskey old fashioned tastes mighty fine.

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About Sarah Hurley

As owner and director of client marketing, Sarah provides strategic marketing consulting, planning, project management, creative direction and resource development support for B2B and B2C clients. Prior to Weber Marketing, Sarah has worked on both the agency and client side of the fence and now combines this first-hand experience for the benefit of her clients.

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