AMA Madison’s 2021 Virtual Annual Conference: Power of Community on Sept. 30, will be packed with relevant topics to help you deal with today’s challenges. For example:

  • If you’re done with superficial networking and want a better way to build your business…
  • If you’ve done a lot of work to get where you are and continually seeking ways to improve how you connect…
  • And if you believe you’re truly in a relationship business, then you’re in the right place!

Marketing is about relationships. Networking is done and the age of Connecting is upon us! “What’s the difference?”, you may ask. “Everything!” is the reply from our closing keynote speaker – Human Connection expert, Ginger Johnson. Ginger will teach us the difference between networking and connecting, share the Language of Connection, teach classic and New Now ways to truly and deeply connect with the community. All techniques aimed to boost and build your business. Marketing is communication. Communication is Connection. Get ready for some big positive energy, fun, and lots of useful lessons.

You & your team will do their best work when they feel connected. Name any outcome you want in marketing, business and life. And Ginger will show you how that outcome is powered by Connection. We sat down with Ginger for a Q&A to see what we can expect from her keynote presentation:

What do you expect the audience to take away from your presentation?

Clarity, a boost of energy that builds and buoys confidence, a clean windshield with which to see the future. It’s not ‘new normal’ or ‘back to business’ – it’s Current Reality every day. They’ll gain truly useful insights, have fun learning & experience the power of connection.

What is holding people back from building connections?

We’re a world focused on ‘networking ‘ – yet it’s not working. Network = noun. Connecting is a verb. AHA!!! We’re seeking connection yet in a rut, thinking that networking is the answer. It’s not. Connecting is.

What is a fun fact about you?

I’ve sung live karaoke with the band Cracker. I love putting together jigsaw puzzles. I was also a college ice hockey cheerleader, on skates.

Don’t miss Ginger and the opportunity for connection to your fellow Madison marketers at AMA Madison’s 2021 Virtual Annual Conference: Power of Community. Register Now!

About Ginger Johnson

Most biographies for speakers are full of credentials, awards, accomplishments and other unexciting information. Let’s say this for now: Everything in life is Powered By Connection. And Connection is Ginger’s jam. It’s the art, science and energy that makes the world go ’round. She works with great leaders, teams and organizations who want to tap into the incredible possibilities connection affords. If you want to learn more about her, she invites you to visit If you’re really curious, you’ll likely Google her anyway, finding her TEDx talk, book, YouTube channel, and various and sundry other information all promoting and teaching human connection. For now, she thanks you for your time and attention. Let’s get to it.

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