We’re ready to kick off our 2022 Signature Speaker Series with Dr. Sarah J Stebbins, Senior Organizational Change Management Consultant and Executive Coach at The Better Change.

You’ve seen the headlines about massive unemployment due to COVID-19 and the “Great Resignation.” While economists and politicians view this situation as dire, Sarah believes workers are taking a pause to self-reflect on the meaning of work itself. In her presentation, “You Are Not Your Job” you can re-discover the important role your personal values contribute to career decisions. You will also be introduced to a strategy that will help you plan your “career future.” We sat down with Sarah to discuss what we can expect from her session in January.

What do you expect the audience to take away from your presentation?

Three simple things:

  • Self-reflection is a critical career development strategy and tool
  • Personal values provide the foundation for any career/job decision
  • We have more control over our careers than we think we do

What is holding people back from doing what you advocate?

The most common things I hear are “not enough time”, current job demands, being comfortable with the status quo and not having clarity around what is truly important to them.

What will people gain from what you are advocating?

In this world of rapid change and ever increasing demands on us, our happiness in work and in life depends on our acting as our own best advocate. If we do not learn how to do that, we and those who depend on us will suffer. This is true for both work and life in general. And while we may intellectually know this truth, acting on it can feel like an insurmountable challenge. Being our own best advocate is not a new concept. I believe the silver lining to the COVID pandemic is that, amid the initial chaos it produced, it provided the time for us to hit the ‘reset button’ on our lives. This presentation provides a strategy for how to ‘reset’ our view of work, career and life.

If you were not engaged in your current career, what would you be doing instead?

I would pursue my music full time! I enjoy music and experiencing the natural world by any means available. My favorite destination is any wilderness environment, domestic or exotic!

What is a fun fact about you?

When I was a teenager, I tried to steal the East German flag from East Berlin in 1965…l-o-n-g story! 😉

Register today to hear Sarah’s expert advice in her session “You Are Not Your Job” on January 11th!

About Dr. Sarah J Stebbins

With over 25 years experience developing/delivering curriculum for workshops, seminars and university classes, Dr. Stebbins has developed an enthusiastic following for her training programs and organizational consulting work.

Her clients include Fortune 500 companies, the Federal Government, colleges/universities and large diverse non-profit organizations. Most recently, she completed her third year delivering a nine month Leadership Institute she co-developed for the Portland Community College System, the largest community college system in the state of Oregon. Her leadership training has been described as “some of the most effective training I have ever received.”

Looking for a way to help her organizational clients improve their abilities in implementing change, Dr. Stebbins became a licensee of Prosci Change Management Methodology and pairs this methodology with the strategic communication skills of Susan Scott’s Fierce Conversations. She is successfully integrating these skills inside organizations to help them make the case for and implement change.

In addition, as a professional coach, she is experienced in coaching executives and leaders with managing organizational change and expanding their potential as leaders.

A sought after speaker, she brings to her clients humor, vision, warmth, passion and a strong belief that what she has to offer can positively change organizations and… the world! Her new book, From Fire to Water: Moving through Change was released in March of 2021.


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