‘Wrapped,’ the future and how we use AI
By Carrie Brown

We’re about to wrap up another AMAzing year, and I could not be more proud of what we have accomplished as a volunteer-run membership-based professional association. Let’s take a ride down memory lane and see how our 2023 journey unfolded!

We’re bringing marketers together.

We unleashed an event extravaganza in 2023 with 16 virtual and in-person events. That’s like binge-watching your favorite series, except with top-notch marketing insights, networking galore, and zero guilt about spending too much time on your couch. We had virtual gigs and in-person shindigs that left us educated and inspired to be better. There’s no question we’ve set the bar high for the marketing event game in Madison. This is thanks to Jessica Wagner, our volunteer who leads our programming.

And the numbers don’t lie. We didn’t just have attendees; we had over 400 curious minds eager to soak up knowledge and exchange ideas. Our event with the highest number of registrations was “Uh Oh, Marketers: Now It’s Your Turn to Sell!” with Greg Mischio. But he only beat out Eagan Heath and his virtual event on G4 by one ticket. It’s clear that we have recovered from the post-covid slump and are back!

We Slacked our way to success

This year, our team of volunteers sent over 7,000 messages on Slack! That’s right, folks, we’ve channeled the collective brainpower of Madison’s finest marketers into one bustling hive of chatter. We’ve discussed, debated, laughed, and sent more than a GIF or two—because serious marketing talks are always better with a sprinkle of humor, am I right? If I had to nominate the volunteer with the best GIF game, it would be Kelly Meyer. She’s not just a wildly talented digital marketer, she’s also got an incredible sense of humor and knows exactly when to use it!

We’re not on TikTok, but we’re still plenty social.

Drumroll, please… we had 26,000 LinkedIn engagements! We smashed the engagement game this year thanks to our fabulous crew of volunteers: Kelly Meyer, Olivia Karubis, Maeghan Nicholson, and Cassandra Bretl. They tried new techniques. They posted photos, videos, and emojis. But most importantly, they got our community talking–and that’s the best part about being ‘social.’

Hey 2024, we see you!

So, what’s the new year going to bring AMA Madison? Sure, we’ll keep doing what we’ve been doing: great in-person events, virtual connections, and national resources. But here’s what you can expect more of:

  • A diverse line-up of speakers; which means new faces, fresh ideas, and innovative perspectives.
  • Enhanced content from AMA-curated toolkits to specialized workshops that deliver value-packed resources.
  • Networking initiatives that foster deeper connections. It’s more than just that awkward interaction of “Where do you work?” and “What do you do?” Our events have the welcoming atmosphere you want.

2024 will also bring us an exciting NEW initiative. Watch your email and our social media accounts for our big January 3 announcement! You won’t want to miss it!

AI isn’t taking over. It’s a kickstart and more!

Between working full-time at a start-up and being a wife and mother of two teenagers, my time is limited. I guess there’s some truth to the quote, “If you want something done, ask a busy person to do it.” Well, some days, I am thriving and doing it all. Other times, I’m turning to AI.

Artificial intelligence helps me brainstorm, finish a task, create content, and so much more for this chapter. There’s no question that AMA Madison’s functionality would have been compromised if I hadn’t turned to this tool.

I’m proud of the way our chapter is using AI. It’s our trusty sidekick, helping us navigate the fast-paced marketing world. It’s a tool that kickstarts ideas and streamlines tasks, but the human touch makes the magic happen. And hey, can you spot the AI-generated parts of this blog? Maybe, maybe not—it’s all part of the fun! Embracing AI isn’t about fear. It’s about embracing the future, and AMA Madison is leading the charge.

That’s all, folks!

As we wrap up this whirlwind year, AMA Madison stands tall, a testament to the power of collaboration, innovation, and a sprinkle of AI magic. So here’s to a future filled with endless possibilities. Cheers to AMA Madison—the heartbeat of Madison’s marketing community!

About Carrie

Carrie Brown

Carrie Brown is the current 2023-24 President of the American Marketing Association Madison Chapter.  She has served in various other volunteer capacities since 2019.  Her ‘paid gig’ as a Marketing Manager for an ancillary employee benefits start-up keeps her busy daily.  Carrie is also a proud alumna of Columbia College Chicago and Roosevelt University, as well as Professional Certified Marketer. You can find her on LinkedIn enthusiastically posting about marketing and cheering on her network in comments across the platform.

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