Attendees of AMA Madison’s 2020 Annual Conference will learn why using a “sledgedozer” may be what companies need. It can remove what’s no longer working, move it out of the way and make way for what’s next.

 Karen Albritton, partner of Thinc Strategy, headquartered in North Carolina, will explain how companies can get rid of barriers that are holding them back. She advises CEOs of emerging growth and mid-market companies, counseling them on management and growth strategies. 

We sat down with Karen to get a sneak preview of her intriguing presentation.


Q:  What do you expect the audience to take away from your presentation,Why Your Company Needs a Sledgedozer: Removing Obstacles to Innovation and Growth”?

A: Attendees will learn how to identify parts of their business that might be holding their organization back. 

Then they can take immediate steps to push those barriers out of the way while unleashing innovation. The same principles work for individuals too. Sometimes you also should take a sledgedozer – a mashup of a sledgehammer and bulldozer – to your career.


Q: What is holding companies back from doing what you advocate?

A: Inertia, over-confidence, fear, sentimentality, and even good intentions can prevent organizations from removing barriers to success. 


Q: What will companies gain from what you are advocating?

A: I hope to motivate them to bust things up a little and focus their efforts on what will be best for the future of their business.


Q: If you were not engaged in your current career, what would you be doing instead?

A: Selling fishing bait.


Q: What is a hobby you enjoy?

A: Volunteering with the AMA.


Q: What is your favorite travel destination?

A: It used to be the North Carolina coast, but I moved there full time four months ago. I’m open to ideas. Maybe it could be Madison?


Q: What is a fun fact about you?

A: I was a competitive pianist in high school. My mom made me take lessons, thinking I could always fall back on being a piano teacher.


Don’t miss Karen Albritton and other marketing thought leaders at our 2020 Annual Conference! Learn more about this and the other sessions of the AMA Madison Annual Conference – Renew with Intention. 


About Karen Albritton

Karen, the owner of Thinc Strategy, advises CEOs of emerging growth and mid-market companies, counseling them on management and growth strategies. 

Prior to her work as a business advisor, Karen spent more than 20 years in executive leadership roles with professional services firms including Ketchum, Capstrat and McKinney. 

She shares her passion for leadership as a speaker at industry conferences such as the Internet Summit, the AMA Leadership Summit, the Women’s Leadership Conference, National Association for Corporate Directors and the PRSA Counselors Academy Annual Conference. 

Karen and her husband live in Emerald Isle, North Carolina, with their Yorkie, Jasper.

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