What are You Doing to Get Ranked on the #2 Search Engine?

We know video is white hot, but do you know it can be part of your SEO strategy?

YouTube is the #2 search engine. In the January 2019 Craft Marketing presentation, Viva Video: Learn Top YouTube Paid and Organic Strategies Get Found Madison agency owner Eagan Heath will share how you can make it a part of your strategy. (Sign up here!)

Eagan will share what he’s learned about YouTube’s algorithm, how he earned 15,000 views (and many national SEO leads) in under a year, and how you can gain both brand recognition and website traffic by running YouTube Ads right away.

In this interview, we asked Eagan for more details on the presentation.

Eagan Heath

Eagan Heath

Why is a YouTube strategy so important?

YouTube is the #2 search engine and only growing in popularity. What you used to do with your blog should now be done via your vlog on YouTube, namely content marketing that builds trust, liking, and authority.

Can you give us some examples of the types of organic and paid strategies you’ll be covering?

In the same way blogging gives you the best results when it’s strategic, you should do keyword research for your YouTube videos, optimize them for those keywords, present your information in a way that resonates with your audience, and include a call to action.

On the ads side, YouTube is the new TV, especially for demographics under 40. And the good news is you can start inexpensively, get better targeting and measure the results. People should be testing all kinds of “don’t pay when skipped” YouTube ads right now, especially when targeting certain ages, geographic regions or recent web behavior (including searches and website visits)!

Is video only for people with a big budget?  Why should any and every marketer on the planet attend this?

No, YouTube is known for its accessibility to novices. You also don’t always need slick video shooting and editing to achieve the result you want. I think YouTube is the next Facebook and Google combined for marketing.

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