Are you building a multi-channel PPC strategy as part of your overall marketing plan?  Whether you’re just getting started or need some new ideas, the next session of our Signature Speaker Series will share how to research and target new customers and how to develop awareness campaigns in YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Quora.

Joe Martinez, Director of Client Strategy for Clix Marketing, will talk about nurturing users across a variety of paid media channels, how targeting options can differ between the channels, and how to use multiple PPC channels to come up with a true multi-channel approach to advertising.

We invite you to join us on March 9th from 12:00-1:00 pm CST to participate in this virtual event.  Click here to register. [ADD LINK – Eventbrite not posted yet as of 2/16]

We recently talked with Joe to find out more about his upcoming presentation.

Q:  What do you expect the audience to take away from your presentation?

A:  They will learn how to have a proper multi-channel approach to advertising and learn that people visit more websites than just Google. Google does not create demand. Google search can only satisfy the demand that is already out there.

Q:  What is holding companies back from doing what you advocate?

A:  It is a combination of a few things. First, people like to stick with what’s familiar and what’s always worked. That’s how you get stuck in a rut and how performance can easily level out or go south. Second, it can be the lazy factor. Trying new channels can mean more work. But if you’re advertising where your target customers are, you actually could be saving time by not spending hours in the wrong areas.

Q:  What will companies gain from what you are advocating?

A:  No matter what industry or company size they’re in, companies will gain a better sense of where they may want to test new advertising strategies.

Q:  If you were not engaged in your current career, what would you be doing instead?

A:  Something related to my major in Broadcasting. I love the YouTube channel so maybe something along those lines. Hard to say because my career is my hobby.

Q:  What is a hobby you enjoy?

A:  I am a massive Star Wars fan, and I love building my vinyl collection.

Q:  What is your favorite travel destination?

A:  I’m a big road trip guy. Show me the cool little places nobody knows about. I prefer finding little gems I’ll never see again over the popular tourist destinations.

Q:  What is a fun fact about you?

A:  I love collecting baseball Hall of Famer’s autographs.

AMA Madison’s ‘Signature Speaker’ Series

 The Signature Speaker Series features an educational virtual presenter each month.

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