Marketing magic ignited December’s Craft Marketing session as some of the best marketers in the region gathered to provide 2019 in Review: What Worked (and What Didn’t).

Topics ranged from the increasing popularity of Facebook groups to the best way to generate leads and align content with sales goals. Presenters emphasized the value of content but also focused on the importance of using metrics to measure results.

The event featured panelists Aisha Bachlani, Gilson, B2B,  Rowan Childs, Madison Reading Project, nonprofit, and Natalie Crain, CUNA Mutual Group, B2C. 

And then, to add to the festivities, most of the year’s Craft Marketing presenters also participated. They included: 

  • Eagan Heath, Get Found Madison
  • Chris Hofmann, SeQuel Response
  • Josh Klemons, Reverbal Communications
  • DP Knudten, Collaborator Creative
  • Greg Mischio, Winbound
  • Nick Myers, RedFox AI
  • Dave Neelsen, StoryFirst Media
  • James Roloff, Powderkeg
  • Spencer X. Smith, AmpliPhi Social Media Strategies
  • Susan Thompson, ActionCOACH Business & Executive Coaching
  • Douglas Voegtle, IdeaStalker

Lindsay Daguanno, Maysteel Industries, moderated the event, with the All-Star lineup sharing highs and a few lows of the year. It was conducted at Vintage Brewing on Whitney Way. 

Check out some of the insights offered during the fast-paced hour.

Increase Leads

Eagan Heath encouraged attendees to consider the use of Lead Pages to improve conversion rates from as much as 5 to 10 percent. Google or Facebook ads direct visitors to conversion pages. Then they visit one landing page where they fill out a form with only a few fields.

“If you offer fewer choices to visitors, you’re more likely to get them to make the choices you want them to make,” he said.

James Roloff said Powderkeg found success by offering educational marketing content on their website to drive engagement. Through this process, the firm increased its leads by about 35 percent. The content also elevates their brand as a more consultative resource.

Measure Productivity

Want to measure your productivity? Aisha Bachlani said her team uses DivvyHQ, a content marketing software tool. She reported that at the end of the year, she could show that 40% of the marketing team’s efforts went toward company goals. The rest of the time was allocated to other projects, including internal needs and HR. 

Aisha also emphasized the importance of sharing information with the sales team to determine how content is performing.

For Greg Mischio, establishing connections is critical for growing your firm’s reach. He’s now collaborating with key bloggers to conduct proprietary research.

Connect through Facebook Groups and Podcasts

If you want to connect with like-minded individuals, join an active Facebook group. Josh Klemons said Facebook supports groups, unlike LinkedIn, where groups are losing popularity. Through Facebook groups, it’s possible to build relationships and find experts in your field.

DP Knudten is building recognition through his NonFiction Brand podcast. Through this channel, he interviews guests who recommend others who have even more visibility in the marketplace. Through these guests, DP broadens his network.

Building a Nonprofit Brand

Public relations efforts succeeded for the Madison Reading Project, reported Rowan Childs. The nonprofit obtained increased recognition through newspaper articles. She also mentioned the challenge of not having enough people to achieve goals. Volunteers assist when possible.  

Engage Your Audience

Dave Neelsen says he encourages clients to run towards their obstacles instead of running away from them when telling stories. People want to know how others solve their problems. By including challenges, firms will have a better chance of engaging others.

Get to Know AI

According to Nick Myers, artificial Intelligence can help marketers automate tasks and generate content. “Marketers should understand what AI is and isn’t,” he said.

For example, by using Lumen 5, marketers can drop in a blog and generate video images.

Marketing Wisdom

These presenters shared other insights marketers can consider as they prepare for 2020:

  • Chris Hofmann integrates direct mail and digital to lift results across the board.
  • Doug Voegtle helps clients revisit their mission and then develop it.
  • Spencer X Smith encouraged attendees to avoid inconsistency.
  • Susan Thompson warns of chasing the next shiny object and then not achieving results.

Greg Mischio, the founder of Craft Marketing, thanked all the presenters and Lindsay for moderating. Big Shoes Network, Thysse, and Winbound were sponsors.  He said it was a great way to end the year with a diverse panel of experts who offered insightful contributions.

See You in 2020!

The next Craft Marketing event will be Jan. 28 at Vintage Brewing on Whitney Way. James Roloff and Elise Chan of Powderkeg Web Design will present on “10 Web Marketing Trends for 2020.”

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Leslie Blaize, Certified Professional Services Marketer, owns Blaize Communications. She crafts B2b content with a focus on the Architecture/Engineering/Construction industry. Twitter: @leslieblaizepr

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