In the first ever morning signature speaker session, the Madison AMA hosted internationally acclaimed speaker Peter Shankman.

Rather than tell you who Peter Shankman is, we’re just going to drop some of his best thoughts from our session. Take from each what you will. That’s how Peter would do it.

  1. Trying things that might not work leads to more success than you might expect.
  2. Your customer controls the direction that your company will go.
  3. Like wearing spandex, having an audience is not a right, it’s a privilege.
  4. Get the audience you want by being amazing to the audience that you have.
  5. Stop chasing likes. Do more likeable things.
  6. Be slightly better than your old self. Here are four ways to be 1% better each day.
  7. Be transparent – How you react to how you screw up will make all the difference. Life gets better the second you communicate a problem.
  8. Even the best message means nothing if it is not relevant to your audience.
  9. We live in a world of brevity, where you have less than 2.7 seconds to reach your audience. Be brilliant at the basics.
  10. You need to be thought of first when the people you serve need something. This is being truly top of mind.
  11. Start asking, ‘how can I help you?’ and really mean it.
  12. Self promotion sucks. People distribute opportunities to the people they trust.

That’s it. Twelve tidbits of wisdom from the great Peter Shankman. Short and sweet.

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The AMA Madison Board with Signature Speaker, Peter Shankman

The AMA Madison Board with Signature Speaker, Peter Shankman. Photo courtesy of Tracy Brooks of The Creative Company.

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