COVID-19 and social distancing won’t stop Craft Marketing folks from gathering. On April 28, attendees will meet virtually instead of in person.

At the April event at  4 p.m., Nathan Pabich will present the webinar, “Remarketing: Making the Most of a Second Chance.” The program is FREE.  Click here to register.

He’ll explain how to use remarketing to obtain a second chance with visitors to your website. You’ll discover how to focus your marketing message and ad budget to the right group with the appropriate context.

Nathan Pabich is the Director of Paid Media at Digital Third Coast, a Chicago-based marketing firm focused exclusively on paid media, SEO and a unique blend of digital PR. Nathan has worked in marketing since 2006 and began remarketing to site visitors in 2010 when Google first launched its remarketing product.

Nathan has spent over $25 million in Google ads and resides in Chicago with his partner, their dog and four chickens. Digital Third Coast is an award-winning agency founded in 2007.

We chatted with Nathan and asked him to reveal some best practices he’ll be sharing at the upcoming Craft Marketing webinar.


Q: Tell us a little about yourself and Digital Third Coast?

A: I’ve been working in paid media since 2006. I got my start at a Chicago company called LocalLaunch!, which was acquired by R.H. Donnelly a few months after I started. I was creating up to 25 new AdWords PPC accounts a day, across hundreds of verticals within a 26-state footprint. Six months in, I was promoted to the “Premium Services” division, which catered to larger ad spends and resembles the work I do now as Director of Paid Media at Digital Third Coast, where I have been for the last 12 years.

Digital Third Coast is a digital marketing agency specializing in SEO, content marketing and paid media strategy, including paid search, paid social and remarketing. We’re great at connecting businesses with prospective customers. In the paid media department, we pride ourselves on creative thinking, rigorous testing and being careful stewards of our clients’ budgets.

Q: Can you give us a sneak preview of how attendees can leverage retargeting and remarketing to get the biggest bang for their buck?

A: Sure – retargeting or remarketing is one of the best ways to have a second chance with all visitors to your site. Google Ads Remarketing is on the display network, so it’s much cheaper from a cost per click perspective compared to traditional search. Remarketing is also your opportunity to re-engage with a site visitor who originally found their way onto your site. Once you’re able to segment your site users and exclude people who have either contacted you or converted (purchased from you, etc.), then you’re able to better focus your marketing message and ad budget to the right group in the right context.

RLSAs (remarketing lists for search ads) can also provide lower click costs than standard search ads. That’s because you’re more likely to have a higher click-thru rate and quality score by targeting an audience that has already visited your site.

There is no silver bullet, but I hope to get people thinking about considerations that should go into a successful remarketing campaign.

Q: Can you give us a few examples of how we can reach our desired audiences at the right time?

A: Timing: Let’s say you launch a new product – you want a cheap way to let people know about it. You can build an audience using your site visitors from the past three-six months, excluding any of them that have been to your new product page. Now you’re in front of an audience interested in your brand, who probably isn’t aware of your latest innovation.

Site-based data: This is really the classic remarketing. If someone comes to your contact page and leaves without submitting, stick with them – test some “reason why” marketing to get to them to your site and encourage them to act. Someone didn’t buy your product? Make sure it’s top of mind for them over the next few days.

CRM information: If you have an email list of interested contacts, and you have content that would help them see your brand as the solution to their challenges, plan your next move. You can follow up and showcase some support to aid in their decision making. Not all remarketing has to be 100% action focused. You can’t do this with all channels.

(Google Display Remarketing, for example, won’t let you use your email list upload to target at this time. However, you can use this method for Google search, YouTube ads, Gmail-sponsored promotions, and through LinkedIn or Facebook Ads).

Q: Who should attend this presentation and what will they take away from it?

A: Any marketer or business who is considering using remarketing to reach their audience or who has remarketing as part of their marketing playbook should get some value out of the webinar. They may get some new ideas on how to approach remarketing as part of a broader marketing strategy.

I want to help people consider various ways to reconfigure the information they likely already have and spark some ideas of how to take their remarketing efforts to the next level.

 Leslie Blaize, Certified Professional Services Marketer, owns Blaize Communications. She crafts B2b content with a focus on the Architecture/Engineering/Construction industries and is a case study specialist.

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