The pandemic didn’t stop our April Craft Marketing program! Enthusiastic event veterans and newcomers attended our first virtual Craft Marketing event on April 28 to learn from Nathan Pabich, Director of Paid Media at Digital Third Coast.

Greg Mischio, founding sponsor, introduced Nathan by saying, “He has a great marketing mind.”

Nathan took attendees behind the scenes to learn more about remarketing, also known as retargeting. He described it as “the ability to get in front of someone after having some sort of interaction.”

An online poll showed that 49% of attendees were already utilizing remarketing.

“It’s an important topic,” Nathan said. His agency and many others use it to help their clients build their brand. “You want to make the most of a second chance.”

Benefits of remarketing

Why remarket? Nathan noted four key benefits that should prompt further consideration:

  • Cost-effective: Get in front of your audience for less (compared to high-cost Google ads).
  • Top of mind: Promote your product or service for an extended period of time.
  • Rule of seven: Put your message before potential customers who typically need to hear or see it at least seven times before considering a purchase.
  • Mere exposure: The more often a prospect comes into contact with something, the more they’re bound to like it (example: Martin the Gecko, the mascot of GEICO).

It’s not for everyone

Is remarketing right for your organization? It’s a numbers game that doesn’t work for all industries. Consider the following limitations:

  • Specific industries (such as medical and religious affiliates) face remarketing prohibitions
  • An organization’s targeted audience may be too small
  • Designated audiences offer limited scalability and reach

Components of a solid campaign

Your campaign needs to segment your audience. Nathan emphasized the point by showing Harry Potter wearing the Hogwarts Sorting Hat. Each student ended up in one of the four school Houses. In the same way, you can categorize your potential customers by their interests and other demographics.

You may also need to verify the audience you can reach with minimum thresholds.

Check out Nathan’s presentation to see samples of campaigns, social media thresholds, and testing samples.

Consider your buying funnel

Use remarketing when your potential customers are aware of your product. When they move from awareness into consideration, then analyze the benefits of remarketing.

Visits from top of funnel readers typically don’t convert to sales right away, Nathan advised.

See how different audiences perform as a result of content. Let the data decide. How is your consumer interacting with your brand?

Don’t forget to test. Which version of an ad drives more clicks and downloads?

When you’re planning your program, use additional targeting such as combinations of age, gender, and parental status. This segmentation allows you to distribute customized messaging to different groups. For instance, you may exclude bounce users. You can also select visitors who have viewed a certain number of web pages and spent a specific amount of time on one site, or viewed a video.

What’s ahead?

Nathan revealed that there’s a discussion of the “death of the cookie.” Privacy issues also may increase regarding remarketing. If you have questions, get legal counsel.

COVID-19 concerns will continue to be top of mind. In this time of the pandemic, Nathan suggested asking:

  • What does your market care about?
  • What does the target customer need to know?

Perhaps your organization now offers online consultations or curbside pickup. Help your customers understand how to engage with you. You also may want to remarket to potential customers who may be waiting to purchase your product or service when more businesses reopen.

Remarketing takeaways

It’s possible to increase your organization’s success through the use of remarketing. Nathan encouraged attendees to segment their audiences so they can customize their messages. Outcomes also may be improved by considering what the consumer needs to make the next decision.

“Be creative with how you use this opportunity,” he added. “Make the most of a second (or third, or fourth) chance!”

See you online for May’s Craft Marketing event!

Join us for our second virtual event at 4 p.m. on Tuesday, May 26. Josh Klemons of Reverbal Communications will present Groups Are The Future Of Facebook.

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