The amazing Nick Myers mesmerized June’s Craft Marketing attendees with a virtual presentation that combined technology and history lessons with a strong call to action. Leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Voice Technology, he warned, or your organization may be left behind  ̶  or out of business  ̶  in the next decade.

Attendees from Madison, Florida and even Nigeria tuned in to hear Nick, an international keynote speaker and podcast host. He’s the Founder & CEO of RedFox AI based in Madison. 

At the session, Nick offered “A Marketer’s Guide to AI and Voice in the 2020s.” Adopt these technologies now, he said, if you want to:

  • Remain Competitive
  • Increase Your Customers’ Engagement
  • Reduce Costs
  • Increase Revenue in the Uncertain World that Lies Ahead

To get us up to speed, Nick offered a concise explanation of artificial intelligence. It’s got four primary components:

  • Machine Learning: a computer’s ability to recognize data patterns
  • Deep Learning: when given a set of data, a computer understands it and can identify features
  • Neural Networks: computers can communicate with one another and interpret information
  • Natural Language Processing: computers understand what we say

Examine a Brief Evolution of Artificial Intelligence
Nick took attendees on a quick journey through the evolution of artificial intelligence. He began with the golden age of sci-fi in 1938 and highlighted other notable events, including the development of Moore’s Law in 1965. It predicts that the number of transistors on a microchip will double every two years.

Deep Blue, a computer, defeated a chess master in 1997, and Google built an autonomous car in 2009. In the 2010s, cloud computing and facial recognition began. 

Now, technology is at the center of what we do, Nick asserted.

Leverage Technology
“It’s all about data,” Nick emphasized. With AI’s help, marketers can sift through massive amounts of data at record-breaking speeds.

He added, “Choosing not to adopt (technology) will more than likely lead to the demise of your business in 10 years.”

For context, Nick shared the stories of Netflix and Blockbuster. Netflix now hyper-personalizes content, and Blockbuster doesn’t exist. Taxi companies are losing money, and Uber is successful.

He shared the benefits of AI:

  • AI can use data to predict what your customers want and need
  • Chatbots enhance customer communication with one-to-one engagement and can reduce operational costs

To improve your bottom line, Nick encouraged attendees to “suggest products and services to increase transactions and loyalties.”

Embrace Voice Assistance Technology
Our daily lives now include interactions with Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri and Bixby. “They’ve stolen our hearts and minds,” said Nick.

Millions of people of all ages use them. Youngsters play games, and seniors ask about the weather.

“Voice truly is a life-changing technology,” he added. 

We’ve seen the impacts of technology before in previous decades: 

  • 1980s, Personal computers, 
  • 1990s, Internet and World Wide Web 
  • 2000s, Smartphones
  • 2010s, Social Media
  • 2020s and beyond, Voice and AI

Why Does Voice Matter?
Voice or Voice-First is any interaction that allows a listener to control technology using natural language. Its experienced massive growth during the past five years. By 2023, voice commerce may be an $80 billion industry.

Organizations will want to leverage this technology because it can reduce costs or improve revenue.

Consider these benefits of voice technology:

  • Rapid adoption
  • Cross-generational appeal
  • Easy-to-use
  • Solves problems in seconds

In the U.S., 87.7 million adults now have smart speakers. reports a 32 percent increase in growth from January 2019 to January 2020.

Voice assistance’s importance as a marketing channel also is increasing. More than 60 percent of respondents described this technology as having significant or extreme importance.

How Can Marketers Use Voice?
The post-pandemic world offers opportunities for marketers. Changes already are in effect, and they will only become more critical, Nick said.

Which voice technology benefit can you leverage? 

There’s no learning curve, and it’s the quickest and simplest form of communication.

Contactless and Multitasking
Customers don’t have to worry about tapping, swiping or clicking to get a result, and voice excels at multitasking.

Situational Problem Solving
Voice immediately assists customers to build brand loyalty and keep them coming back. In addition, technology solves problems in a natural, simple and easy-to-use manner.

Personalized Experiences
Voice assistants continually learn from us when we interact with them. The technology allows marketers to focus on what customers want instead of guessing what they need. Customers appreciate the one-on-one engagement and real-time feedback and data from language.

Voice Search
Nick encouraged Craft Marketing attendees to become part of the Voice Web. “Own the search for your niche/industry for the first time ever,” he said. Combine voice technology efforts with existing content and SEO strategies and practices.

Roadmap for Implementing Voice
Ready to get started?

Nick offered a roadmap for any organization to follow to develop their strategy for implementing voice.

  • Discover: what problems can voice solve internally or for customers
  • Design: assign personas to chatbots or Alexa skills
  • Launch: test systems thoroughly and assign key performance indicators
  • Analyze: measure the effectiveness of your program and adjust as needed

“Now’s the time to adopt and experiment with AI and Voice,” Nick said. “Position yourself to succeed and stay ahead of the competition.”

See You Online for July’s Craft Marketing!
Thanks to Nick Myers, RedFox AI, attendees and volunteers. Craft Marketing also appreciates our June Craft Marketing sponsors, Sarah Best Strategy, Thysse, and Winbound.

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Leslie Blaize, the owner of Blaize Communications, is a certified case study specialist. She crafts B2B content with a focus on the Architectural/Engineering/Construction industry.

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