Whatever your goal is on LinkedIn, you have just seconds to get found and impress your audience. With just a few simple strategies, it’s possible to put LinkedIn to work for you–whether you’re seeking business leads, a new job, or vetting candidates.  

At our October Craft Marketing event, Jared J. Wiese of Profiles That POP!™
will present “How to Build a LinkedIn Profile that Attracts Jobs, Leads & Joy.” 

Jared J. Wiese is the founder of ProfilesThatPOP.com!™ He has amassed 82,000 followers on LinkedIn with his frequent tips and win-win style. His business provides LinkedIn optimization for business lead generation, LinkedIn and résumé writing for job seekers, and hourly career coaching for both audiences. Check out Jared’s Linkedin profile. 

We sat down with Jared and asked him a few questions about his upcoming presentation, which will reveal the inner workings of LinkedIn.

AMA: Tell us a little about yourself and #Profiles That POP!™

Jared: The cornerstone of my proprietary 26-step LinkedIn process is what I learned from working at LinkedIn. And then some!

LinkedIn selected me for its pilot profile review program in 2017. I learned the top 12 LinkedIn sections, in their order of importance, with the stats to back it up. 

But here’s the thing: They didn’t give me any guidance on HOW to complete the profiles. So I took it up a few notches!

Five years ago, I really improved my profile and got better results by just changing one word. Since that time, I’ve been perfecting not only what content gets you to show up in SEO searches, but what gets your profile viewed.

I created an improved process that includes showcasing your value, skills optimization, keyword-based content, and story refinement–all for better SEO search and #Profiles That POP!™

Get that, and you’ve got a lead – whether it’s a prospect or a recruiter.

AMA: The big tease for your presentation is that LinkedIn is so much more than a job database. You’re going to show us how we can attract the audience we want on this platform.

Jared: LinkedIn has over 650 million members, and they’re not all job seekers. But they are all vying for attention.

I’ve helped businesses get discovered out of millions with LinkedIn SEO. It’s one thing to be on LinkedIn–it’s another to get found in searches. And yet another to impress enough to get profile views, and then contacted for more opportunities.

You’ve got to get found with settings, content, and copy (science), and then stand out–but back it up (art)…all in seconds!

AMA: Can you offer an example of how we can improve our profiles to get found and impress our visitors?

Jared: Sure! In 2012, research showed that you have 6 seconds to attract your audience’s interest. In 2018, it was reconfirmed at 7 seconds. 

I’d say with today’s smartphone notification overload and soundbyte snippets, our attention span is even less. And speaking of smartphones, more than 60 percent use the LinkedIn app. 

Check your profile on a phone. Does it pop? But it’s more than what people see “above the fold.” 

AMA: What is the big takeaway people can expect if they attend the event?

Jared: Let’s peel away the layers of LinkedIn like an onion… without making you cry!

We’ll look at what really gets you found, chosen, and contacted for opportunities on LinkedIn. We’ll discuss what goes into LinkedIn SEO and how it ties to Google.

It will be a Q&A, show and tell…I’ll pick a few audience profiles and tweak them on the spot!

Crack the LinkedIn code and register now for our October Craft Marketing Event!

Leslie Blaize, Certified Professional Services Marketer, owns Blaize Communications. She crafts B2B content with a focus on the Architecture/Engineering/Construction industry. Twitter: @leslieblaizepr

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