Craft Marketing welcomes Wayne Breitbarth, nationally-known Linkedin expert, to our July 28 virtual event. He’ll offer the latest tips for amplifying your personal brand and creating brand awareness for your organization.

And if networking and great content aren’t enough, there’s more. Wayne is giving away a free one-on-one virtual Linkedin consultation (personal or corporate) with a $197 value, and three signed books. Thanks, Wayne, for your generous prizes.

Register here for the online event that begins at 4 p.m. with networking. Many thanks to our sponsors, Winbound, Thysse and SeQuel Response.

Check out Wayne’s preview of what attendees will be learning at the upcoming Craft Marketing webinar.

Q: Tell us a little about yourself and what Power Formula LLC does.
I’m an experienced business owner (old guy) and CPA (most people don’t know that) who has loads of business experience. I wake up each day looking for opportunities to help people improve their lives and businesses using LinkedIn. Power Formula LLC (that’s me and my wife) has been helping people improve their LinkedIn strategies for over 12 years. We also have the #1 selling LinkedIn book of all time, The Power Formula for LinkedIn Success (now in its fourth edition). 

Q: Can you give us a few reasons why it’s important to develop a comprehensive strategy for using Linkedin?
Without a strategy, you won’t complete your profile correctly and/or build your network for maximum effectiveness. A typical example of a strategy mismatch or non-clarity is a professional who is currently using LinkedIn for meeting new customers, but their profile and network reflect their last job search.   

Q: What are a few examples of some recent Linkedin changes?
 Here are some changes to check out: 

  • The new “Featured” profile section offers many opportunities. 
  • The headline has been expanded to 220 characters. 
  • You can notify employees of a company page update.
  • Each month you can invite 100 of your connections to follow your company page. 
  • The event feature is now available for companies and individuals.

Q: What is the big takeaway people can expect if they attend the event?
The attendees will learn about recent significant Linkedin changes. They’ll also take away actionable strategies for the execution of these changes to improve their personal brands and grow their businesses. 

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