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Facebook is always evolving, rolling out new tools to help you build your brand. At AMA Madison’s May Craft Marketing event, discover three tools that are proving to deliver the goods for marketers: Live, Stories, and Groups.

Our Craft Marketing series continues on May 29 when Digital Storyteller/Strategist Josh Klemons presents “Flexing Your Facebook Toolkit: Growing Your Brand with Facebook Live, Stories & Groups.”

The event will be held at One Barrel Brewing Company on Madison’s near east side. It’s just $7 for members of AMA Madison, and $10 for non-members. Admission includes light appetizers and one drink ticket. (Register soon – only 35 spots are available!)

One Barrel Brewing Company

Josh is a familiar face at social media and marketing events around town. Active in Social Media Breakfast, he’s a regular on the speaking circuit, and he helps brands of all shapes and sizes find, hone, and tell their stories online.

We asked him to share more about his upcoming presentation—check out what you can expect to learn from Josh!

Q: Please give us a brief description of the three Facebook tools you will cover and why they’re important.

Josh: Throughout our session, we’ll be talking about Facebook Live, Stories, and Groups.

People watch Live video 3x longer and engage with them 10x more often than pre-recorded videos. Live is a powerful tool, available to anyone with a smartphone in their pocket or a webcam on their computer.

Stories is Facebook’s response to Snapchat. It is ephemeral content (disappearing after 24 hours) offering lots of fun tools for sharing your story in a way that lives in the now. Due to its placement at the top of the newsfeed, it’s also a great way to reach a whole new segment of your audience.

Facebook has been telling us for quite some time that the future of the platform is in Groups. With the most recent algorithm change, we’re really starting to see that to be the case. Whether you start your own, or join pre-existing ones, they offer ample opportunities for growth.

We’ll talk about how each of these three tools can fit into your digital toolkit!

Q: You’ve mentioned that the Facebook Universe keeps expanding. Are these new tools replacing any “old” ones? Are they proving to be more effective?

Josh: Facebook rolls out new tools more often than most people realize. Many of them never take off, and either get pulled, or stay live but go mostly unused.

Live and Groups are time-tested. And while Stories is still finding its footing within the Facebook platform, we’ve seen it really become prominent on Instagram, giving us every reason to believe that it is here to stay. It offers a real opportunity for the scrappy marketer to build a new base around this fun and powerful tool.

Q: Who is the ideal audience for this presentation? Is there application for B2B marketers as well as B2C marketers?

Josh: If you have found that using Facebook is relevant for your business or brand, then this session will be for you. It won’t be about joining or establishing new platforms, but about finding new ways to make the world’s most popular platform even more powerful for your brand.

Q: Recently, Facebook has come under scrutiny for its approach to privacy. What are your thoughts on that, and will you discuss it in the presentation?

Josh: It feels like the story evolves every day. Depending on where things are at when we get together will determine how much time we spend on the subject. But the TL;DR version is this: for all the controversy currently swirling around Facebook, it’s still the digital home for hundreds of millions of Americans and billions of users worldwide.

We can talk about how to be smarter with our data online, but if you are trying to market your brand, business or organization, you have probably found it hard to do so without Facebook. This session will help you market your brand smarter.

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This post was written by Greg Mischio, the Owner and Strategic Director of Winbound. Winbound is a content marketing firm that provides an all-in-one content marketing and conversion optimization package specifically designed for small marketing departments. Twitter: @gregmischio

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