Romance will be in the air at our next Craft Marketing presentation. But the focus won’t be on couples. Instead, marketers will learn how sales & marketing can achieve a shared vision.

Cynthia Beiler of Leveraged Mind Consulting will present “Marketing and Sales: A Modern-Day Love Story” on Oct. 22, 2019, at  Vintage Brewing on Whitney Way. (Register here!

Cynthia Beiler is the President and lead consultant of Leveraged Mind Consulting. The firm is dedicated to helping under-performing organizations find the power within to fuel profitable growth. In her corporate life, Cynthia successfully rebuilt multiple marketing and sales teams. Through this work, she has developed a knack for identifying and leveraging the potential in anyone.  The firm’s work is based on a deep belief that integration of improved mindset, leadership, structure, and process will create an engaged culture that stimulates profitable growth.

We sat with Cynthia and asked her a few questions about the presentation. 

The big tease for your presentation is that it’s neither marketing initiatives nor the sales execution that truly drives the bottom-line growth. Can you give us a hint of what it is?

Rarely in relationships is one person more important (or impactful) than the other. Individuals wanting to create and flourish in romance today must step away from traditional thinking about their roles and be open to an integration of belief systems focused on achieving a shared vision.

Marketing and Sales are not different from personal relationships – thus it is time for these key functions to take the steps necessary to integrate the relationship in a manner that creates a powerful partnership of growth.

How have you helped sales teams grow in the past, and where do you see the big drop off between sales and marketing? 

My most successful stories of helping a sales team grow are rooted in creating a sales culture inclusive of high expectations, transparency, love, and trust. All of this helps create a gathering place where salespeople want to start and end the day – regardless of how the day unfolded.  This culture also enables me to work with each team member to uniquely identify and achieve their often-hidden potential. 

When I see a drop-off or disconnect between sales and marketing, it typically is a misunderstanding of each other’s world. If a marketing person is not empowered to understand the challenges, needs, POV of the salespeople, their work loses impact. Without salespeople understanding that the marketing team can shorten prospecting time, explain the value proposition more efficiently and ensure an incredible experience for your client, they will continue to miss out on the opportunities to identify, close and retain clients in a profitable manner.

Can you give us one or two examples of some tactics or strategies that can get marketing and sales on the same page?

Counseling comes to mind! Kidding – not kidding. Helping marketing and sales understand that even though their languages may be different, their mission and the preferred outcome is the same. The untapped potential lies in between each function’s personal thinking which is filled with assumptions and uncommunicated curiosity. Bringing forward true transparency and the desire to understand each other’s “world” will result in a harmonious relationship fueling the growth of their organization.

What is the big takeaway people can expect if they attend the event?

The audience will gain a new understanding of how easily sales and marketing can and should cultivate a relationship that is more enjoyable and impactful then remaining “in their lanes.”

I will share insights gained from sales and marketing leaders of all sized companies regarding the growing need for sales and marketing to integrate efforts and improve their relationship. 

I will also provide tips to overcome the hurdles of improving the relationship between the functions in your company; relevant for both sales and marketing professionals.

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Written by: Leslie Blaize

Leslie Blaize, Certified Professional Services Marketer, is the owner of Blaize Communications. She crafts B2B copy with a focus on the Architectural/Engineering/Construction industry

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