Join your fellow marketing professionals for another night of networking and insights! This time, Erik Greenfield, Communications Manager for the Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce, will be presenting at Thirsty Goat on Tuesday, April 30. This month, we are diving into Greater Madison’s current initiative of marketing our region to the next generation of talent and skilled workers at large.

Why attend this month’s Craft Marketing?

Madison is currently experiencing a low unemployment rate, high workforce participation, and accelerated population growth, but these wins come with challenges. Namely, the Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce is working on attracting skilled workers to the Madison area and looking towards bringing in the next generation of talent. Erik will share some of these strategies he and his team are using to tackle these challenges in real-time and offer insights on what the broader business community can do to help out. 

This event will also be the Craft Marketing series’ final installment, which calls for a bittersweet celebration of the legacy this series has left. We’d be thrilled to have you join us as we have a toast for Craft Marketing’s past and AMA’s bright future – there’s plenty to be excited about.

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What to expect: Q&A with Erik

  1. AMA: Tell us a little about yourself and your role at the Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce.

Erik: As the Communications Manager for the Chamber, my role essentially is to amplify our work, as well as the exciting news coming from our members and Greater Madison’s business community. That can take many forms, including writing, editing and distributing our weekly e-newsletter, managing our website and social media accounts, writing press releases and promotional copy for Chamber events, media relations, and more. There is no shortage of great stories to tell, and that is one of the many reasons I find this role so rewarding!

  1. AMA: Achieving the Madison area’s current era of accelerated population growth and low unemployment is no small feat, so hats off to you and your team for your impact! As marketers, I think we’d all like to make a similar impact within our own roles, but might not know where to start. What are some tactics marketers can use to attract the next generation of talent to our area?

Erik: The important thing to remember about marketing to the next generation of talent is that none of us can – or has to – do it alone. Collective, coordinated action is essential to this effort. The good news is that there are resources and networks already in place, including through the AMA, where we can stay connected, share ideas and build upon existing structures to amplify Greater Madison’s story to the world.

  1. AMA: As your presentation will dive into, you and your team have faced challenges in your continued efforts to recruit skilled workers to the area. Can you give us a preview of these challenges and how you’ve been addressing them?

Erik: Even with the wind at our backs on unemployment, workforce participation and population growth, the demand for skilled workers still exceeds the supply. We have been addressing these challenges through a combination of show and tell. That includes exporting the Madison experience through our virtual reality platform, as well as working with local partners to introduce the concept of belonging into the business community, something that is particularly critical in attracting Gen Z workers.

  1. AMA: When it comes to marketing the greater Madison area to the next generation, what are some key “selling points” you see as the most persuasive that marketers should prioritize?

Erik: We frequently talk about Greater Madison as the place to make a career, make a life and make a difference. Our region is consistently recognized as a national leader in everything from livability to happiness to work-life balance. We are one of the fastest-growing metros for a national share of innovation-sector jobs while being more affordable than our fellow innovation hubs. We are overflowing with cultural attractions, recreational activities and volunteer opportunities. We score well in economic and even climate resiliency. Just about anyone can find something here they find interesting, exciting or fun. We’re very versatile!

  1. AMA: Can you give us a preview of the big takeaway people can expect if they attend the event?

Erik: There is tremendous opportunity in front of us… but we have to do this right. We need to be prepared not only to do what it takes to recruit talent but also to keep them here. That means ensuring Greater Madison is seen as a place of belonging as well as having the necessary infrastructure in place to accommodate our growing population.

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