Our Craft Marketing series continues as a virtual event on Tuesday, June 30 with Nick Myers, founder and CEO of RedFox AI! Join us—with your beverage of choice—for a brief, informal networking session followed by Nick’s presentation on cutting-edge best practices for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Voice.

Why attend this month’s Craft Marketing?
As we head into the post-pandemic world and the next decade, emerging technologies like AI and Voice will become increasingly important for all types of brands and consumers. Register now for this free event to learn why your organization needs to adopt these technologies NOW in order to remain competitive, increase engagement, reduce costs, and increase revenue in the uncertain world that lies ahead.

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What to expect: Q&A with Nick

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself and RedFox AI.

A: Wow. Where do I even begin?! I started RedFox AI in 2017 as a digital marketing agency. (Originally, the company was named RedFox Creative.)

When I first started the firm with my best friend Brett, we were heavily involved in virtual reality and 360° video. It was not until early 2018 that we made the shift to AI and voice assistant technology. In January 2019, we decided to rename the company RedFox AI because that was more in line with where our service model was going.

Since making the switch to AI and Voice, it truly has been “the sky’s the limit!” Our goal is to “help give brands a voice by leveraging the power of AI and voice assistant technology.”

We’ve partnered with organizations locally and abroad, and my speaking career has grown rapidly in a short period of time. Last year I was lucky enough to speak about the opportunities and advantages associated with AI and Voice in Milwaukee, Chicago, Seattle, Sydney, and Bangkok. People are hungry to learn more about and understand these technologies, so I have been in high demand on the speaker circuit.

Q: Can you give us a few reasons why organizations need to adopt AI and Voice?

A: I think organizations need to take a hard look at different forms of technology, which could help them solve problems internally and for their customers. AI (specifically Machine Learning and Deep Learning) will allow organizations of all sizes to sift through and interpret data in new ways.

An increasing number of organizations are beginning to realize that data can help influence important decisions that result in better outcomes for a company and its customers.

As for Voice, I could share a million and one reasons why organizations need to seriously consider adopting this technology.

If you are an organization with a large call center that deals with a lot of traffic, why not migrate those operations to a voice assistant like Alexa or Google Assistant to handle?

If you are an e-commerce company, why not allow your customers to order your products in just a few seconds by asking for them?

If you are a consumer packaged goods company that produces products requiring instructions on how to use them, why not create a voice-based experience? A user could then listen to directions while receiving reassuring feedback.

The opportunities are endless, and an increasing number of organizations will start recognizing the value over the next few years. More than 86 million U.S. adults currently own a voice-enabled smart speaker, and there are more than one billion smartphones with voice capability. My advice? Invest now and avoid being left behind.

Q: How do you think AI and Voice will change our world post-pandemic and into the future?

A: This is an incredibly good question and one that I have been thinking a lot about recently. First and foremost, we will be moving towards a more “contactless” society in the post-pandemic world. People are going to be looking for ways to do things out in public without having physical contact with others or touching screens. Many companies are already looking at technologies like Voice as an avenue to conduct business, especially retail, in a contactless manner.

When it comes to AI, the development of this technology and deployment of it is going to increase 100x. Let’s say all the change we are experiencing was going to happen regardless. It just would have taken about 15 years or so to occur.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, that change was compressed into two months. Many organizations that were already interested in automation have accelerated that process. Amazon has been using warehouse and logistics robots for years. And now, many other organizations are beginning to deploy the same. Why? Robots don’t get sick, they don’t need sleep or food, and above all, they don’t require a wage.

AI-powered automation has been accelerated. Anything that can be automated will be automated, and the pandemic has only accelerated this. Those who fail to recognize this and adapt will, unfortunately, be left behind.

Q: Who should attend this presentation, and what will they take away from it?

A: My goal with this presentation is for it not to be siloed to any one group of people. I am a firm believer in the democratization of information. These technologies are going to impact all of us in some way. (If you are reading this and currently own an Amazon Echo, Google Home, or have been on social media today, then your life has already been impacted by these technologies.)

I will be breaking down AI and Voice in easy-to-understand chunks to demystify the “AI” buzzword and provide some context to the technology and why it is significant.

If you currently work in a small business, for a medium- or enterprise-level company, or are just interested in trying to understand these technologies and the opportunities associated with them, then this presentation is for you.


Leslie Blaize, Certified Professional Services Marketer, owns Blaize Communications. She crafts B2b content with a focus on the Architecture/Engineering/Construction industries and is a case study specialist.

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