Kavitha Krishnan

In order to see something new, you have to not see something else.

That mind-blowing statement is the basis of experience design, and a concept Kavitha Krishnan, Senior User Experience Strategist at Mattel (American Girl) will share at her May 8 presentation: “Experience Design: A New Mindset for Understanding Your Customers.

AMA Madison is excited to welcome Kavitha as our last Signature Speaker Series luncheon presenter before we break for the summer. In this interview, Kavitha fills us in on what we can expect to hear during her presentation.

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You will talk about Experience Design. Can you shed some light on what that includes?

Experience design is the practice of designing products, processes and services with focus on user experience in culturally relevant solutions. The traditional role of designers is shifting rapidly to match the heightened expectations of our customers.

During this talk, I will discuss how people don’t just buy products or services – they are looking for integrated and meaningful experiences. Designers need to understand business requirements and the totality of people’s interactions, and why experience design is so important/the value it holds in meeting your business goals.

And, of course, we will have a bit of fun in the process!

You say this can help you generate a “distinct competitive advantage.” Can you give us an example?

The Internet allows us to shop anywhere in the world from our living room. We have access to new markets, which means new products, more services, more offerings, and more choices. There are far more products in the market than an average person needs.

In such a market, it is necessary to create a distinct competitive advantage to thrive, let alone survive. Research suggests that brands that emotionally engage people can command prices 20 to 200 percent higher than competitors and sell far higher volumes.

By putting people first and understanding their needs and motivations, user experience allows businesses to imagine entirely new offerings, not just improved versions of what exists today.

How can user experience increase not only a sale, but also loyalty?

Traditionally, many companies improve business by creating new offerings. This is done by employing new technology to make things faster or more efficient, or by introducing additional features. Experience design is a new way of thinking about or expanding business.

One of the key aspects of experience design is to start by putting its customers first. We design products that elicit strong emotional responses that make the product memorable and desirable. This means we create and manage the kinds of experiences the customer will tell other people about, and come back for more.

Is experience design just about a website, or is it something bigger?

The traditional role of designers is shifting rapidly to match the heightened expectations of our customers. Designers are not just designing websites anymore, because people don’t just buy products or services—they are looking for integrated and meaningful experiences.

In order to do this, designers need the ability to think beyond classical business requirements and truly embrace the totality of people’s interactions. Only by understanding the totality of our customers’ needs and emotions in the context of their lives, can we deliver a truly inspiring experience.

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