Ready to take the next big step in your marketing career but not sure where to start? Well then step right up to  AMA Madison!

It’s a fact: Madison is home to some of the most creative and innovative thinkers and doers in the entire country. From startups to globally recognized brands, mom-and-pops to massive producers, we’ve got it all, right here at home. And we couldn’t be more proud to be right in the middle of it.

But wait, there’s more. This is also home to one of the most dynamic, dedicated, and downright fun chapters of the American Marketing Association (AMA)! That’s right, our small but mighty team is nationally known for our fiercely friendly approach to getting stuff done and having a blast along the way.

Our mission at AMA Madison is to “provide local marketers in South Central Wisconsin with curated content, networking opportunities, professional development programs, and volunteer spaces, with the purpose of enhancing marketing knowledge and performance of both individuals and the community as a whole.”

In other words, we’re here to connect to success. And we do it with serious style.

Be Like a Badger

Just like a feisty Wisconsin badger in the wild, our members are fearless and resourceful. We kick butt and take names. We’re here to help lead the charge, shape the narratives, and shift the conversations. And we’ll do it all with a friendly smile and a hearty handshake. (Go Bucky!)

So, what can you expect to get done as a member of the AMA? We’re so glad you asked. The possibilities are endless, but these top 5 should be enough to get you to click the “ JOIN NOW ” button.

1. Connect: Meet, mix, and mingle with Madison’s top marketers. Network with other professionals and business leaders. And learn from some of the coolest, most successful brands in the business.

2. Impact: Madison AMA has made a pledge to advance social justice, racial equity, and anti-racism. We’re bigger than just marketing. We believe what we do has the power to make a difference in our community. As innovators, strategizers, ambassadors, and storytellers, we shape narratives that communicate value, create meaning, and establish societal norms.

3. Lead: Develop your leadership skills through opportunities to serve on the Board of Directors. Being a board member of AMA Madison comes with a variety of professional benefits like networking, career advancement, and in-depth professional development opportunities.

4. Advance: AMA Madison members get front row seats to cross-chapter collaboration and mentorship opportunities. We aim to connect new and mid-career marketers with seasoned marketing leaders looking for a way to give back to their industry.

5. Shape: AMA offers the opportunity to be on the ground floor of decisions and developments that shape the future of our incredible community. As a move-forward marketing machine, we impact the reputation and perception of Madison as a top-tier marketing city.

Oh, did we mention AMA members get exclusive access to the national AMA website, free webinars, tools and resources, and discounted training programs? It’s true. You get it all.

Still not convinced? Well then we need to have a talk. Contact AMA with questions about membership, volunteering, sponsorship or anything else! We’re always ready to help spread the word and grow our mighty team. We could even share funny stories about badgers or any other wild animal you feel like talking about.

Become a member today. We can’t wait to welcome you to the team!


About the Author

Jason M. Schultz, is a creative copywriter, a strategic storyteller and a builder of brands. Learn more about his award-winning work at

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