Now that the weather is warm (maybe too warm), Igor likes to take long walks. And I enjoy listening to podcasts when hitting the sidewalks and paths of Middleton. Here are my favorite marketing-related podcasts and a few others. If Igor had headphones to listen in, I am sure he’d agree too.

The Artificial Podcast

Hosts: Nick Myers and Brett Brooks

The Artificial Podcast is a weekly podcast series that breaks down trending topics in the world of AI and #VoiceFirst so everyone can understand how these technologies are impacting our lives personally and within organizations. Brought to you by Redfox AI, Nick and Brett cover lots of topics like AI, accessibility, Alexa, chatbots, emerging technologies in marketing, Google, speech technology, and Voice First, among others, in 45 to 60 minutes blocks. I love the comradery and the easy, relaxed delivery of deep knowledge by Nick and Brett. Fills my brain with knowledge on those longer walks.

54 episodes

5 Stars on Apple Podcasts

Guild Stories

Host: Justin Ricklefs

I am a sucker for a good story, and Justin offers so many of them. Particularly good when going on a longer walk. Guild Stories showcases hustlers, dreamers, & doers who are living life with meaning, purpose, & intention. Their stories connect us all. Mostly covering topics like connection, corporate culture, emotional data, empathy, leadership and success, the majority of episodes are over an hour long. One of his latest episodes features Grant Gooding, a speaker at our 2019 AMA Madison Annual Conference, on emotional data. Usually an hour long or more, definitely one I listen to when Igor decides he’s going to sniff every tree, bench and fire hydrant he passes.

32 episodes

5 Stars on Apple Podcasts


Non-Fiction Brand

Host: DP Knudten

Another great storyteller who has spoken at the 2019 AMA Madison Annual Conference and at Craft Marketing, DP Knudten’s The Non-Fiction Brand podcast features some regular guests and special interviews with master branders, with an on personal and small business branding.

DP covers a variety of other topics’ impact on branding like digital marketing, influencer marketing, SEO, social media, storytelling and strategy in an interview format with international and local experts, in quick thirty-minute weekly episodes. Maybe the second greatest podcast from a UW-Oshkosh alum? 😉 And one of Igor’s favorites because of the variety of conversations and the great questions DP asks.

99 episodes

5 Stars on Apple Podcasts


Delve Talks

Hosts: Dave Franchino and Stefanie Norvaisas

If you love stories about innovation, then you will enjoy this podcast. Dave and Stefanie are design firm leaders with engineering and cultural anthropology backgrounds. They highlight and analyze the challenges around design, product development, leadership and innovation, mostly from Madison area companies. In the first two seasons, Dave and Stefanie interview leaders on what it takes to create a corporate culture of innovation.

Dave covers innovation with national and regional leaders from Exact Sciences, SafetyNet, American Family Insurance, Kohler, Harley Davidson, Ciari Guitars, and LinkedIn in 30-45-minute episodes.

14 episodes

4.3 Stars on Apple Podcasts


Sales Lead Management Association Radio

Hosts: Jim Obermayer, Susan Lynch

SLMA Radio is a streaming live weekly interview program. Along with Jim and Susan, executives in B2B marketing and sales tackle subjects in sales lead management, lead generation, marketing operations, artificial intelligence and other aspects of marketing and sales management. This podcast is nearing the end of its tenth year, which is a testament to the relevance of its content and authority of its hosts and guests. Might have the most listeners of all the marketing podcasts on this list. And easily digestible in 20-40-minute episodes, when it’s raining, and Igor prefers the short walks.

200+ episodes

4.7 Stars on Apple Podcasts


The Deliberate Creative

Host: Dr. Amy Climer

If you have ever been confused by how to be creative or how to get your team to be more innovative, listen up. In this podcast, Dr. Amy Climer explains research, demystifies the creative process, and gives practical advice and strategies to help you build an innovative team. Learn about leading creative teams, deliberate innovation, and the creative problem-solving process. Move past the myths and get real about innovation and creativity.

Covers topics like creative and creativity, human-centered design, leadership, and teams in 30-60-minute episodes.

100 episodes

4.9 Stars on Apple Podcasts


You can find other great marketing podcasts at Apple’s Top Podcasts in Marketing



Other podcasts Igor and I enjoy outside marketing.


Ten Percent Happier

Dan Harris is an ABC News anchor who had a panic attack live on “Good Morning America,” which led him to meditation. He went on to write the bestselling book, “10% Happier.” I love how Dan explores happiness, often starting with that skeptical, news guy view. from all angles. He taps legendary meditation teachers, from the Dalai Lama to Western masters, reputable and award-winning scientists, and even the odd celebrity. He goes beyond meditation to discuss issues many of us deal with every day, including social anxiety, bias, creativity, productivity, and relationships. According to Apple, “The animating insight of this show is that the mind is trainable. This is what science is showing us. Mental traits such as happiness, calm, generosity, compassion, and connection are not hardwired, unalterable factory settings; they are, in fact, skills that can be trained. On this show, you’ll learn how to be more mindful.” Usually an hour or more in length.

300 episodes

4.7 Stars on Apple Podcasts


The Faster Than Normal Podcast

Host: Peter Shankman

A recent speaker at the AMA Madison Signature Speaker Series, Peter is a dynamo! He talks mile a minute, with strong opinions and great ideas. He asks terrific questions. In listening to Peter, you learn having ADD or ADHD is a gift, not a curse. He brings in international guests from all corners of the globe, from every walk of life, in every profession, from Rock Stars to CEOs, from Teachers to Politicians, who have learned how to unlock the gifts of their ADD and ADHD diagnosis, and use it to their personal and professional advantage, to build businesses, become millionaires, or simply better their lives.

100 episodes

4.8 Stars on Apple Podcasts




Host: Stephen Dubner

I love this show that explores the hidden side of everything. Dubner and his cast of leading economists and other social scientists answer questions things you always thought you knew (but didn’t) and things you never thought you wanted to know (but do), like on the economics of sleep or how to increase your proficiency (it’s more than just 10,000 hours of practice). I’ve enjoyed learning from Nobel laureates, intellectuals and entrepreneurs. Plus, there is a vast archive as he has been doing it since 2010. One-hour episodes.

425 episodes

4.5 Stars on Apple Podcasts


The Daily

Host: Michael Babaro

A short, long-form story every week. Think a segment of Sixty Minutes each day, telling the biggest stories of our time, using some of the brightest and best journalists, interviewing experts and regular folks on the street. Great storytelling and eye-opening. Lately lots of coverage of coronavirus and the election. Twenty minutes a day, five days a week, ready by 6 a.m. Perfect way to start the day.

30 episodes

4.5 Stars on Apple Podcasts


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