Craft Marketing’s latest event: A collaboration with AAF, Ad 2 Madison, and Madison Media Professionals! Join us for a night of insights and connection where Aron Caruso and Jodie Minton Skoropad of MNI Targeted Media will be presenting at Old Sugar Distillery on Tuesday, April 9. For this event, we’ll be focusing on sharpening our social media skills in today’s rapidly changing digital landscape.

Why attend?

We all know how impactful a potential a strong, consistent social media strategy can be on a brand. But we also know it’s not quite that simple, too. This event presents two social media experts in Aron and Jodie, and they will help you connect the dots to start harnessing the full potential of social media. Get the full description and register here to save your seat.

For a preview of the event and a few bonus pieces of advice from one of our presenters, Jodie Minton Skoropad, keep reading the Q&A below.

What to expect: Q&A with Jodie

  1. AMA: Tell us a little about yourself and MNI.

Jodie: MNI is a national leader in the ad tech space, working with nearly 1,200 brands and agencies every year – including hundreds of partners based right here in Wisconsin! Simply put, we specialize in crafting and executing omnichannel media strategies that move the needle! Our premium approach marries data, research, planning, buying, execution, and full-scale reporting to give our partners the strategic tools they need to drive results.

About MNI Social:
Empowered by our team and technology, MNI’s cross-platform social media expertise gives partners the ideal leverage they need to reach target audiences at scale with precision. Our team sits at the helm of social media’s ever broadening and expansive influence and arms partners with the strategic know-how to garner successful outcomes.

  1. AMA: What are a few of the main ways data and insights can transform a brand’s social media campaign strategy?

Jodie: Overall, understanding the power of data and insights is crucial for making informed decisions. Through ongoing data analysis, brands can drive meaningful results in terms of brand awareness, engagement, and conversions. Additionally, data and insights allow brands to craft highly personalized messages to their target audiences and drive stronger optimization strategies to get their message seen by the right people at the right time to take an inspired action.

  1. AMA: Social media trends are constantly evolving, and so are the algorithms. What’s your advice for busy marketers aiming to stay ahead and ensure their strategies remain relevant?

Jodie: There are several (simple) ways marketers can continue to evolve with social media!

  1. Continue to invest in yourself – subscribing to relevant blogs, newsletters, and networking with other social marketers to idea share will keep you on the pulse of best practices.
  2. Use data to analyze performance trends – don’t be afraid to experiment with new content and strategies to see what’s sticking.
  3. Diversify your brand’s presence – learn how to leverage the most relevant social platforms to grow and enhance your brand’s following.
  1. AMA: What are some common mistakes you see brands making on social media that marketers should look out for?

Jodie: Most commonly, we find it boils down to:
1. Not understanding the platforms – each social platform has its own unique best practices, ad formats, audience targeting, etc. Brands need a social partner who understands how to leverage each platform to drive optimal success. Neglecting this could result in missed opportunities along with long-term irreparable damage to how your target audience perceives your brand.
2. Not using analytics properly – neglecting to track, analyze, and interpret social data is often the difference of having a successful campaign outcome… or not.
3. Not having a clear strategy from the start – a successful social media strategy revolves around clearly defined goals, target audiences, and consistent messaging to ensure your brand is showing up in a meaningful & relevant way to make an impact.

  1. AMA: Can you give us a preview of the big takeaway people can expect if they attend the event?

Jodie: At this event, we’ll teach you how to:

  • Navigate the complex (and ever-evolving) social media landscape — highlighting key strategies to help you achieve optimal performance.
  • Leverage the power of rich data and insights to improve campaign strategies and outcomes.
  • Harness storytelling to understand your audience better, optimize your content, and drive meaningful engagement across one or multiple social platforms.
  • Utilize the latest trends and best practices to set your brand or agency apart.

Register Now to Up Your Social Game

So what are you waiting for? Reserve your spot at Jodie and Aron’s presentation today by registering here. We can’t wait to see you there. 




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