What’s it like to work at home?

AMA Madison marketers recently offered insights about following routines and avoiding distractions to maximize productivity.

Now, in Part 2, more members share what they’ve learned. This pandemic causes justifiable concerns about the health of our fellow citizens. But we’re also discovering new ways of working, relaxing, and improving our health.

Check out how some other members of AMA Madison successfully work from home!

James Roloff, Powderkeg Web Design

Before COVID-19, James said Powderkeg already gave designers and developers the option of working at home once a week.

“With tools like Slack, Basecamp, GoToMeeting, and remote office features on our phones, we’re able to collaborate well with our team,” he says.

Previously, James worked at the office because of internal discussions and in-person client meetings. So for him, remote working is something new.

“It’s been going okay,” he says.

“My wife and I are playing the balance game between both of us being busy at our jobs and caring for our 4-year-old and 1-year-old daughters,” he notes. “Scheduling ‘on’ time with our shared calendar and working some nights and weekends is allowing us to make this work.”

When daycare opens once again, James says he’s looking forward to trying remote work again without the distractions.

Ryan ‘RJ’ Olestro, Winbound

Ryan says “Doing short yoga sessions is my key to working from home. Just 20 minutes. No need to sweat up a storm or wake up sore the next morning.”

He suggests investigating short yoga videos on YouTube. Try out his favorite: Yoga with Adriene. You can practice yoga in your living room: Just grab a rug if the floor isn’t carpeted.

Ryan says yoga routines are especially great right now, as they  will stretch your hips and back–which can get notoriously tight from sitting.

“Yoga also will reduce some of the physical energy/tension that makes you antsy while you work,” he says. “Use it before the second half of your workday begins, or at the end of your day.”

Edessa Polzin, Web Courseworks

Remote working is nothing new for Edessa. She worked as a freelance copywriter in her early twenties. Now she works for a tech company that allows remote work when needed. That freedom has allowed Edessa to attend her 9-year-old daughter’s school activities.

But the current situation is different and more of a challenge, she says. “Since there is no certainty as to when this physical distancing practice will end, I have discovered a few things that have kept me sane in the last 2+ weeks.”

Structure, she says, is the key. At first, she admits, “It was a little nerve-wracking. Everyone’s routines changed without warning.”

Edessa found a schedule that helped organize her family, with some modifications. It offers set times for getting outside plus creative and academic activities.

Learn or Rekindle New/Old Hobbies

Like many people, Edessa said news and politics about COVID-19 filled her Facebook feed.

“While it is important to stay informed and be aware of what’s happening around us, it is also important to take care of your mental health,” she says. “So, I put my phone down and picked up my guitar.”

Now Edessa offers #MusicMondays. She posts cover songs every Monday night on her Facebook and YouTube channel.

“It has been a decade at the very least since I last played something, so please lower your expectations,” she says.

Distance Physically…Not Socially!

As we practice physical distancing to #FlattenTheCurve of COVID-19, we don’t have to feel alone.

“Stay connected with your friends and coworkers through Facetime, Skype, Slack, Zoom, or whatever tool you have,” she says.

Web Courseworks personnel participate in virtual happy hours and lunch breaks.

“Human connection is important,” Edessa emphasizes. “You can make these connections, even if you’re stuck at home.”

Message from the President

We certainly will miss seeing all of you on Tuesday for what would be our third Craft Marketing event of the year! On the bright side, we are working to make our April Craft Marketing a live, free, online event–this time it’s BYOB! 🙂

I hope everyone is doing well and adjusting to living 99% of our lives in our homes (for the time being). Despite all the craziness around us, now is a great time to think about your personal and professional goals, and develop an action plan, if you don’t have one already.

AMA Madison is here for you. If you’re not a member, now is a perfect time to discover everything available to you on both a national and local level. Remember, we’re stronger together!

Alyssa Spiel
President, AMA Madison


Leslie Blaize, the owner of Blaize Communications, is a certified case study specialist. She crafts B2B content with a focus on the Architectural/Engineering/Construction industry.

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