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October’s Question on Social Media:

What other ways are there to reach your target audience cutting through the clutter of Facebook?

Answered by Spencer X. Smith and Tom Marks

Here’s the best way we’ve discovered to cut through the clutter – stop adding to it. And here’s a question for you – how did companies do videos before? Well, they spent a ton of money, took a bunch of time, and then created a whitewashed version of a message that will “appeal to everyone.”

Instead of creating one video to show to a dozen different audiences, create a dozen videos to show to those dozen audiences. Since video is essentially free to create and distribute (at least today it is), concentrate on serving a specific niche with each respective piece of content. Because so few videos are seen organically (aka “free”) by your niche audience, you can now spend money to advertise to those whom you’re targeting with these very specific pieces of content and very specific messages, offers and calls-to-action.

Worried about alienating a portion of your customer base from these focused messages? Don’t be. Those customers won’t see them anyway. They’ll only see the videos you want them to see. Focus on serving one niche with each of your pieces of content. You won’t regret it.

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