Our popular Surviving and Thriving series wraps up this week with insights from Faith Dey of Live Well Social Video and DP Knudten of COLLABORATOR Creative. Faith offers advice on how to use video to share messaging on all social media platforms (be sure to check out her Gear List)! And DP encourages us to “Go big when you’re feeling a little small” due to the disruptions in our lives. He challenges us to consider something “daring” to level up our careers and personal brands…podcast, anyone?!

Faith Dey, Founder, Live Well Social Video 

Follow These Three Steps to Create Successful In-House Videos 

It’s well-known that video has become one of the most important marketing assets for top of mind awareness, valuable content, and business growth.

I recently attended Social Media Marketing World in San Diego, and video content was the predominant topic throughout the entire conference. Using video to share messaging on all platforms has become commonplace and necessary.

The good news is that various styles have become familiar and acceptable. And, the quality of your message and the value in your content take priority over a video with expensive production or one that is “perfectly polished.” Viewers  ̶  and potential customers  ̶   want their questions answered in an authentic way from the people in your business.

During this sensitive time, it’s ironic how we have connected via video through necessity. As we move forward, you may want to consider creating better videos in-house, while staying within a conservative budget.

How does your company or organization create “pro-quality” videos that can serve as long-term marketing assets? It’s relatively simple and extremely affordable. Your marketing team can do it with simple tools, even starting with a smartphone.

Affordable Videos

Check out the following three-step process for creating videos from your home or office.

Step 1: Begin with planning your message. What kind of videos will be the most valued and usable?

There are many types of marketing videos that will achieve your business purpose. I recommend placing priority on those that will immediately help your viewers and potential customers.

Videos that answer FAQs, as well as instructional videos, can provide long-term value. They’re also a resource for your sales and customer service teams as they work with your clients. Think in terms of Google searches: What are people looking for?

Step 2: Camera confidence. I like to think this step has gotten easier for many of us.

With the increased use of web conferencing during quarantine, more people have become comfortable with being on camera. And once you’re clear on your message, prepare with bullet points so you speak naturally versus sounding scripted.

Step 3: Improve your production quality by considering stability, light, and sound.

  • Stability: Usually, when we film ourselves or each other, we do it “selfie-style,” or we have someone hold the phone. If you want to have less shaky clips, consider creating stability by connecting the phone to a tripod.
  • Light: Facing a window for natural light is excellent, or position yourself in front of another source, like a ring light.
  • Sound: Connect a lapel microphone to your phone. You may need an adapter for this. (NOTE: When you purchase an iPhone, you receive an adapter).

With just a few simple adjustments, you will have the freedom to consistently create more professional videos on demand. You can repurpose them for various formats, include them in your email campaigns for higher open rates, and include video on all your site pages for increased conversions.

Benefits of Video

Video continues to shape marketing strategy, sales, and customer service. Our community wants to see more video from brands in authentic and personal formats. As a marketing team, you have access to more tools than ever before to keep your company top of mind, relevant, and connected.

If you have more questions on expanding your options, feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn! You may also access a free list of items I use to help companies get started – check out my Gear List.

Happy creating!

DP Knudten, Chief Collaborator, COLLABORATOR creative

Locked down? Level up.

Like everyone else on the face of this earth (and a few preppers in their subterranean bunkers), I’ve been on lockdown for, what, 900 years. As a long-time “from home” worker and natural introvert, it’s not that big a deal for me. The annoying part? My thankfully healthy family being home is messing with my routine. And that’s my biggest tip for anyone stuck working from home: Create and keep a disciplined daily routine.

But this post is not about that. It’s about going big when you’re feeling a little small.

Let’s face it, if you’re used to heading into the office to spend the majority of your waking hours at work, a lot of your sense of self is wrapped up in all the little things that come with it. Where you park. Your ability to go to lunch anywhere you want. Being able to say “sure, let’s grab a drink” whenever you feel like it.

All those things are proof of personal power within your life. And if you’re not getting to do those things, you’re probably not feeling great. External authorities are telling you where you can and can’t go, how close to stand to others, and even something as personal as how often to wash your hands. How annoying (and prudent) is that?

Try Something New

My big recommendation in such “I feel small” situations is to go big. I mean really big. Do something you’ve always wanted to do, but never have. Grab that “someday” goal and start chipping away at it however you can. This could be personal, like creating an itinerary for the “around the world” trip you’ve always wanted to take. But for maximum “I HAVE THE POWER” effect, go for something that allows you to level up your career, and (dare I say it) personal brand.

Need an example? Start a podcast about a specific niche in which you’re genuinely interested or are an expert. Having a podcast allows you to contact experts, learn from them, and share all of it with a like-minded audience. And having a podcast of your own is a tremendous “level up” unlock.

Yes, there’s a lot of tech stuff involved, but there’s also a massive amount of help available out there just waiting for you. You could learn everything you need to know about podcasting–from what equipment you may need, to how to get and schedule guests–just by tapping into YouTube. That’s exactly how I got started. This week saw the premiere of my 91st episode of the NONFICTION BRAND podcast featuring a guy I never met in meatspace. He’s the founder of Bonjoro, a really cool one-to-one video via email service. Oh, and he’s from Sydney, Australia. Talk about leveling up.

Another suggestion? Live-streaming. It’s amazing what you can do for ZERO dollars when it comes to this rapidly exploding communication style. And frankly, that’s my “go big” lockdown level up. Since March 5, I’ve done (to date) 74 consecutive daily livestreams to YouTube Live, Facebook Live, and Twitch—as I write, in real time, a new book. THAT IS INSANE. But we live in INSANE times, so why not go with it, and dance to the COVID-19 music.

What Will You Try?

Bottom line: Lockdown got you down? Get up and go BIG.

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