2020 Conference

Questions?…Anyone? …Anyone? ….Anyone? | AJ Sue

Presentation 11 Session 4

Questions?...Anyone?  …Anyone?  ….Anyone?

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The world needs more great questions and great question askers. 

Great questions help us know what we don't know, they help us better understand what has been said, they help us challenge assumptions and conventions, they help us not assume, they inculcate accountability, then make sure we are thinking & challenging instead of just following. 

In many conversations, people speak past one another, and then accept direction without confirmation or alignment. Asking great questions can help uncover the real intent and meaning behind what is said. Great questions help us understand each other better and lead us toward better solutions and efficiency and success.

What You'll Learn

  • > That asking great questions is a skill that depends on habit, experience, and training 
  • > Great question asking is the foundation of great learning 
  • > Hands on exercise and 3 key takeaways to practice use to develop into a stronger question asker


Who is AJ Sue? “I’m a husband, Dad, and small business coach. I’m a woodworker, rollerblader, & bacon lover. But I am mostly just a SUPER CURIOUS GUY who asks a sot of powerful questions to help people deal with their head-junk to have more fun and be more successful in life and business.”

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