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Post-2020: Things Aren’t Going Back To Normal | Quentin Allums

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Post-2020: Things Aren’t Going Back To Normal

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I know there is a proper way to write these descriptions. I've written quite a few. 

I felt that this one needed to be a little more personal than anything else. 

My business lost a lot of money throughout 2020. As I'm sure a lot of your businesses have as well. The year as a whole has been filled with pain & loss. 

And honestly, I don't have all of the answers. But here is what I do know... if we are asking ourselves "when will things go back to normal?" Then we are asking ourselves the wrong question. 

Things will never go back to normal. But we will find a new normal. And that is what this talk is about. Our new normal, how we can go about creating it, and what the future can look like.

What You'll Learn

  • > The importance of being a socially conscious brand. 

  • > Diversity means nothing without inclusion. 

  • > New leaders will emerge.

MEET THE SPEAKER | Quentin Allums

Hey, I'm #justQ 🖖🏽! I Co-Founded Urban Misfit Ventures, a fast-growing startup based in Milwaukee. Collectively my videos, thoughts, podcasts, and writing have been viewed over 10 million times.

My team specializes in telling stories through video. In short, we help companies build influence and leverage content for sales through video storytelling. We also work with executives, coaches, and founders to help them build a personal brand that generates leads and community.

I’ve spoken at events such as VidCon, TEDx, and INBOUND 2019.

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