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Managing Your Social Strategy During Times of Disruption | Michael Ray

Presentation 19 Session 12

Managing Your Social Strategy During Times of Disruption

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There’s no doubt that social media will play a significant role during the crises that have taken place this year and this trend will continue during the 2020 election next November and beyond. However, what many marketers and businesses don’t realize is the impact that it will have on their own social marketing strategy. Get ready for some big changes.


During this presentation, Michael will discuss the challenges marketers and businesses will face with social posting and advertising during the election year. The presentation will also include solutions that will help you successfully manage your channels throughout the year. He will address the following key issues:


  • > Elevated costs of social ads during the election year: How to spend smarter for social ads instead of casting a wider and more costly net

  • > Authentic ads: How to pivot traditional social ads to be more emotional so they will be more effective and less expensive

  • > New political policies: Learn how to comply with the new regulations and safeguards for Facebook and Twitter
    > Getting flagged: Steps to take in case your ad campaign gets ‘flagged’ by social channels

What You'll Learn

  • > How to more effectively leverage social media channels for clients and your business

  • > How the election cycle provides both opportunities and challenges


Michael is the Social Media Director at STIR Advertising & Integrated Messaging, a marketing firm in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The agency’s clients include brands such as Milwaukee Bucks, Cousins, ManpowerGroup and Quad Graphics.

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