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Creating The “Social-First” Experiential Strategy | Josh Kell

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Creating The “Social-First” Experiential Strategy

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If you’re building your social media strategy after an event has been planned, you’re missing out on countless opportunities to transform your event platform into a content platform that has the power to engage customers and change brand perception. Go inside a case study on what happens when a cross-country tour is engineered to be “social media first.” Discover the benefits of developing an activation platform with social sharing and content creation top of mind. Learn how to create the right environments for storytelling and content capture, and how to employ the right people in your company to play starring roles.


An award-winning creative leader in the industry, Josh Kell uses his experience and acquired knowledge to lead the strategy, creative development, and activation of multi-platform campaigns for several of the world’s biggest brands. As VP of Digital + Brand Marketing and Executive Creative Director at Switch in St. Louis, Missouri, Josh’s work entertains, engages, and educates to create a lasting impression and ongoing relationship between consumers and brands.

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