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Three Ways to Gain Traction & Not Blow Your Limited Budget in 2020 | Rhonda O’Connor

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Three Ways to Gain Traction & Not Blow Your Limited Budget in 2020

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In the topsy-turvy world of today, marketing budgets have been decimated and marketing departments are being asked to do more with less. This usually means a lean staff working on a lean budget. 

As past economic downturns have shown, success is about gaining traction – quickly getting (and keeping) customers to justify marketing investments. Join Rhonda to see how any company can use the Bullseye Method outlined in Gabriel Weinberg’s book, Traction: A Startup Guide to Getting Customers, to figure out what marketing channel is right for their business.

What You'll Learn

  • > An easy method to spur ideas, or improve existing ones, for 19 marketing channels

  • > A way to eliminate bias in your marketing strategy with cost-effective tests

  • > How to beat the competition by going where your competitors have not even contemplated

MEET THE SPEAKER | Rhonda O'Connor

  • Rhonda is Director of Marketing for Trility Consulting, a technology consulting firm based in Iowa, and founder of her own company, Grit Marketer. She is tenacious about getting results, loves to formulate and execute strategies, and helps others get the job done right and achieve reliable results. Rhonda’s personal journey collided with Trility Consulting in 2019 when their team of product developers and cloud engineers offered her endless opportunities to learn how companies can simplify, automate, and secure their business evolution with certainty.

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