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What’s the big idea?

Good marketers are curious. Great marketers ask questions.

Ask Me Anything with The American Marketing Association

There’s always that one thing you want to know how to do.  That one thing you want to know if it’s worth it.  That one thing you just don’t know who to ask.

We know that.  And we feel it, too.

So join us for the first Friday of the month to Ask Me Anything featuring AMA leaders and special industry guests for an exclusive members only event.  No agenda, no power point, just 30 minutes of conversation about all the things, virtually.

Our speakers



Arthur Uratani

Friday, May 5, 2023 | 8:30 AM CT – 9:00 AM CT

Arthur Uratani is a Marketing Director at Bookoff McAndrews in Washington, DC. Arthur has almost 15 years of experience in marketing and wide-ranging experience across branding, communications, design, coaching, presentations, relationship building, and digital and social media. He currently sits on the board of AMADC as District Current Chair and the Legal Marketing Association (LMA) Mid-Atlantic Region as President-Elect.

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