Meet the Board

We are a non-profit organization supported by a volunteer Board of Directors who dedicate their time and resources to creating valuable programming, networking, and educational opportunities for AMA Madison.

Special thanks to the employers that support our board members in their work with AMA!​

Jessica Wagner, PCM


Slipstream, Sr. Marketing Manager

Edessa Polzin Edessa Polzin


Sales & Marketing Manager, Webcourse Works

Tony Veroeven

Immediate Past President

Director of Membership, AMPED Association Management

Profile photo of Suzanne Doody Suzanne Doody


Marketing Manager, Vierbicher

Jim Murphy, CFP, CTP Jim Murphy, CFP, CTP


Certified Financial Planner, Neuenschwander Asset Management, LLC

Brooke Barney Brooke Barney

VP of Collegiate Relations

Marketing & Creative Services Director, Kramer Madison

Steve Mintz Steve Mintz

VP of Programming

President of CLM Prescriptives

Erin Courtenay Erin Courtenay

VP of Community Partnerships

VP of Sales, Earthling Interactive

Profile photo of JJ Giese JJ Giese

VP of Membership

Director of Sales and Marketing, Thysse

Thysse Printing Service and Thysse Design Combine to Form Thysse - Oregon Area Chamber of Commerce, WI
Carrie Brown, PCM

VP of Volunteers

Client & Member Marketing Manager, Beam Dental

Profile photo of Vincent Rose Vince Rose

VP of Communications

Director of Marketing Technologies, Earthling Interactive

Kelly Meyer

AVP – Communications (Craft Marketing)

Digital Marketing Director, S/B Strategic Marketing

S/B Strategic Marketing
Profile photo of Maeghan (Killeen) Nicholson
Maeghan Nicholson

Asst VP – Communications (Signature Speaker Series/Annual Conference)

Marketing Director, Suttle-Straus

PrintHERStoryMonth: The Fierce Fabulous Females of Suttle-Straus
Rissa Guffey
Rissa Guffey

VP of Technology

Marketing Manager, BioForward Wisconsin

Giovanni Aleman

Asst VP of Finance

W-9 Accountant and Videographer. President of GA Business Solutions

A Note From Our Immediate Past President

“I’ve been honored to serve the AMA Madison as a board member since 2014 and as President since 2020.

Volunteering for the chapter has been an extraordinary experience. My marketing journey started as a salesperson wanting to begin a career in marketing. After finishing my undergrad in marketing as an adult, I looked at the chapter to help me build my new career. There weren’t many opportunities to practice modern digital marketing in my sales job, nor did I learn them in school when I discovered the “4 Ps!”

When I began volunteering, I joined the Communication team and learned valuable hands-on skills. That’s the beauty of volunteering for AMA; it’s a safe sandbox to learn, play and take risks that one couldn’t get in a present job.

Every day I witness and experience a fantastic sense of community. I know many who have gotten new jobs because of their connections here. I’ve seen students and young professionals flourish and advance in their careers.

You may think you don’t have time to volunteer and to join a nonprofit board.

Only busy people know how to get things done. I hope you’ll join us!”

Tony Veroeven
2020-2021 President