AMA Membership Levels

Membership in AMA-Madison will open new career doors and provide opportunities to grow professionally,  make important connections, and develop your leadership skills. All memberships include access to exclusive content via ama.org. Choose the level that is right for you and join today.

Professional Membership

The Professional Membership is the most common membership type and includes both membership to the national AMA chapter and AMA Madison. Annual dues are broken down as follows:

  • National AMA dues: $250, plus a $30 application fee for new members
  • AMA Madison dues: $ 50.00
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Group Membership

A group of three or more individuals can apply for a group discount on AMA membership even if they are not from the same organization. Student memberships are not eligible for this discount.

Group Size:

  •  3-9 members, Total Dues Per Member    $255
  • 10-49 members, Total Dues Per Member  $225
  • 50+ Members, Total Dues Per Member   Call (800) AMA-1150

Have questions or need assistance, please contact our VP of Membership.

Discounted rates for students

Students and entry-level marketers can use a discounted membership to learn “real-world” marketing concepts from local, regional and nationally renowned speakers. Go beyond the classroom and learn cutting-edge marketing techniques in branding, advertising, promotions, digital marketing, marketing research and direct marketing

Group Size: 

Total Dues Per Member   $50

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